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from rick green:

When I went to China in 2011, the craft beer options were pretty slim. Since then, there's been a big improvement. In fact, you can now put together an exciting adventure designed around experiencing craft beer in China.

For North Americans going to China for the first time, it pays to have some help. That's why I wrote How to Drink Beer in Mandarin: An English-Chinese Craft Beer Glossary.

With How to Drink Beer in Mandarin, it's now possible for craft beer aficionados to navigate China's emerging craft beer revolution without having to be fluent in Chinese. Not just a glossary, additional resources cover travel information, drinking etiquette, the most complete list of China's craft breweries, and more!

How to Drink Beer in Mandarin is now available online for pre-order as an e-book. Until February 15, I'm offering it at the special Chinese New Year price of US$3.88.

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