upcoming events

dine out vancouver runs from january 15 - 30
big rock brewing is having a beer festival to celebrate with a special english brown ale
winter beer hall is january 16th - a three course dinner with five unique beers, with live entertainment
brewmaster breakfast is january 17th - a family-friendly buffet featuring spent grain pancakes, beer kielbasa and hopped hollandaise

from craft beer market:


You can also check out our events page which is updated weekly for all the details.

  •  January 26 - Robbie Burns Brewmaster's Dinner - Celebrate the flavours of Scotland and the legacy of national poet Robert Burns with a four course dinner paired with Scottish style ales. Hosted by beer writer and Scottish emigrĂ© Jan Zeschky, Limited tickets available here.
  • January 26 - NEW Beer Menu Launch - Kicking off the New Year with a few new beers you will want to try from our list.


  1. Hi Becks, I was listening to you on CBC last night, takling about all those amazing upcoming craft beer events, and special beer releases. Can you tell me where I might find a list of all those upcoming events? Thanks so much, love your spot on CBC.

  2. Thanks! Always nice to hear from listeners!
    I always post my notes from radio columns here on the blog the following day, so you can check there.
    You can also check the CAMRA website's calendar: http://camravancouver.ca/enjoy/events-calendar/
    the BC Craft Brewers Guild calendar: http://bccraftbeer.com/events/
    Beer Me BC's calendar: http://beermebc.com/bc-craft-beer-calendar-of-events/
    and the Canadian Beer News calendar: http://www.canadianbeernews.com/beer-festival-calendar/


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