historical beer

i don't normally post things about corporate beer
because, well, i'm not a fan
and they have huge budgets to advertise their product, so sure don't need help from little ole me.

buuuut, i'm going to break that habit for this one
because i find the whole thing intriguing
and just so darned canadian!

historical accuracy!
a primordial yeast strain!
celebrating the past, and the rich history of beer in canada
it can be enjoyed at warmer temperatures!
it's unfiltered!
and it's an ipa!

oh, and in the spirit of full disclosure, they're going to send me a sample of it
because i'm "someone with a passionate interest in beer"

Molson Coors Canada Recreates 108-Year- Old Heritage Beer: John H.R Molson and Bros. 1908 Historic Pale Ale
Recipe was pulled from Molson Coors’ archives, beer to be first in a series of historic launches

Toronto, ON (February 25, 2015) — To celebrate its 230 years of brewing in Canada, Molson Coors Canada is introducing the John H.R Molson and Bros. 1908 Historic Pale Ale, a limited release brewed from a recipe found deep within the company’s archives, available in stores now.

Molson Coors Canada Brewmasters have worked tirelessly to authentically recreate the pale ale of 1908, right down to the most minute details, combining diverse malts, heirloom hops and century-old fermentation techniques.

“To try and replicate the flavours and nuances of the early twentieth century recipe, we went deep into the archives to uncover every last detail behind this historic brew,” says Keith Armstrong, Brewmaster at Molson Coors Canada. “We sat down with malsters, barley and hops breeders from across the globe to identify the correct ingredients to mix with Molson’s ancient ale yeast derived from the same primordial strand John Molson used in the 1700’s.”

During the brewing process, the density and temperature measurements had to be recorded every few hours to ensure consistency. The recipe is one of the many historic documents found in approximately 400 cartons of Molson archives.

“Molson Coors Canada has been part of the Canadian business community since 1786. Our family is proud of our deep Canadian roots and proud to celebrate those roots by giving Canadians a taste of one of our finest brews from the early 1900s. The rich story behind the 1908 brew, its unquestionable quality, and the craftsmanship that went into its restoration, are a lot of the same qualities that have helped us build some of Canada’s most recognizable and successful beer brands,” said Geoff Molson, Chairman of the Board of Molson Coors Brewing Company and seventh generation member of the Molson family. 

As an unfiltered beer, each batch of the 1908 brew has its own unique qualities. The full-bodied flavour of the ale can be enjoyed cold, or even at warmer temperatures, bringing out flavour nuances with each sip. 

John H.R Molson and Bros. 1908 Historic Pale Ale is now available in 625ml and 341ml bottles wherever beer is sold.

About Molson Coors Canada:
Molson Coors Canada is the Canadian division of Molson Coors Brewing Company, a global brewer with operations in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Asia. The company proudly offers some of the most popular brands in Canada with an award-winning brand portfolio that includes Molson Canadian, Coors Light, Molson Export, Rickard's and Molson Canadian 67.

Molson Coors Canada employs 3,000 Canadians, operates seven breweries, including boutique breweries Creemore and Granville Island, and invests in communities from coast-to-coast through its various charitable initiatives and sports and entertainment sponsorships. Molson Coors Canada is committed to promoting its products and events in a responsible manner as part of an active, healthy lifestyle.


  1. Now will you try it haha.

  2. Interesting to have these secret ancient recipes be reborn.


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