new release

from phillips brewing:

Odyssey NItro Porter

Odyssey Nitro Porter
- 5.0% - 473mL

January 29th, 2015 - There's a delicious new tall can floating to liquor store shelves on dense, foamy clouds of bubbles.
Odyssey is a porter infused with nitrogen gas, which creates cascading clouds of tiny bubbles that give way to thick dense foam. This luxurious brew pours a deep earthy brown colour, and features warm roasted flavours accented with hints of nuts and dark chocolate, all wrapped up in velvet smooth textures.

Odyssey is available in a very special 473mL tall can that contains a widget designed to activate the nitrogen and maximize the delicious cascading waves of bubbles.  You can find it in the tall can section of your preferred private liquor store in BC, with distribution to Alberta to follow shortly.  It is also available on tap at select draft accounts.



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