Armory XPA is all about experimental hops. Farmers want us to try ’em out to see how they fare in our beer. The predominant experimental hop we chose for the current batch Armory XPA (now available in 6-packs), was YCR-394, now known as Citra. We will be taking this experiment several steps further. Beginning this September, we’ll be switching up that featured hop every few months. The next round will be brewed using experimental hop number 07270, and then who knows? Here is where you come in... Join the Armory XPA Experiment!

We are so excited to release these two beers in bottles for the first time! Big Rig, A Classic Pub Ale, & Down 'N Dirty IPA. We've been making these beers for years at our pubs but they are both so delicious, we wanted to share them with YOU! Available primarily in the western US. Give our beer finder tool a try to find these 22 oz bottles near you.

Have you heard? We've got a new summer seasonal coming out in 6-packs! Quench your thirst after your summer adventures with Hop Slice Session IPA! It's drinkable, crisp, & refreshing, with a citrus kick from Meyer Lemon! Read more...


Street Pub is more than a bar of EPIC proportions, it is about enjoying a tasty beer, live music, culinary creations, and conversations with everyone you know and meeting people you don't. But it's also about making an impact in your community. In 2015, together we raised almost $400,000 for non-profits and that's tremendous!!! In 2016, let's double the crowd, kick even more kegs and raise even more funds for your local community...we're kicking off the year with Street Pub Arlington (in conjunction with Taste of Arlington) on May 15th, click here to see all of the cities we're heading to this year!    

In Our Next Issue:
*Pinot Suave (a new addition to our Reserve Series)
*Black Butte XXVIII Anniversary Beer
*Black Butte Porter Whiskey!!



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