hop circuit

From 3pm to 9pm on Sunday April 24th the eleven existing (and 1 soon to be open) breweries/distilleries of East Vancouver are swinging open their brewhouse doors to the public.  This is a chance for anyone with an interest in craft beer to meet the brewers, get a tour of the production area, and share a unique experience with their friends and family.  Additionally, each brewery will be creating a special beer for this event and putting it on tap or in a cask to serve.

No ticket is required, there is nothing to sign-up for and the tours are free, as this event is meant to be a celebration of what the community has nurtured, created and supported.  Without the local community supporting craft beer, the range and variety of breweries that has grown from this desire wouldn’t exist, and this is a small way for all the breweries/distilleries in East Vancouver to say thank you.

A few other notes.  There will be food trucks sprinkled throughout the route.  Also, Vine and Hops will be running a continuous circuit of the route for those who would prefer to be driven.  Also, our friends at Cycle City Tours will be running a special tour that day sure to include a stop at all of the breweries/distilleries.

We hope you are able to help promote this event and encourage people to join us for a little or a lot of the day.  We plan on making this a yearly event and one that is a great chance to connect with individuals who want to know more about the craft beer community in East Vancouver.


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