I'm not hip with the new ways of meeting people.
Like meet-ups.
But, I went to one last night, and discovered that they're a great idea!  Go internet!  Way to use the thing that has taken the face-to-face out of life to find people to face-to-face with!

So, if you're a gay man looking to socialize, and you can stand the idea of doing it over beer, I strongly suggest you hit the next Gay Men's Beer and Social Meet-up.  They meet quite often, at different tasting rooms around Vancouver.

If you're something else, I suggest looking through the various meet-ups and finding one that works for you.  It would appear that whatever you're into, a bunch of other people are too.  (The invisible coffee one intrigues me the most - I think they may be my kind of people.)

Fortunately for beer geeks, pretty much every day there's an unofficial meet-up at every tasting room in town.  Which is also the way that pubs in the UK work.  Everything old is new again!


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