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Beer Mail ‘shares the wealth’ across BC
Victoria retailer introduces innovative concept in craft beer marketing

Victoria, BC – September 27, 2016    In a marketing move new to the province’s craft beer world, Victoria’s Cook St. Liquor has launched Beer Mail – a mail-order service that makes the best domestic and imported craft beers available to those in even the smallest BC communities.

“For years now, we’ve been proud to be the go-to store for Victoria’s craft beer lovers,” says Cook St. Liquor owner Glenn Barlow. “Now we’re excited to share the wealth with all British Columbians.”

“This is a new concept in craft beer marketing,” continues Barlow. “We’re making specialty beers available to those that typically don’t have access to them; British Columbian craft beer lovers will no longer be limited by what’s available in their local stores.”

How it works:
Every two weeks, a new Beer Mail package – carefully curated from the store’s extensive selection – is available for order online. Purchasers receive 12 large-format bottles – two each of six limited-quantity, top-quality craft beers from BC and around the world. Each package is only available for two weeks (or less, if it sells out early). The price varies based on the specific beers being offered. Beer Mail is purchased package-by-package; there is no club to join and no subscription necessary. The service is available throughout BC, with a flat shipping rate of $35 per package.

Each beer is meticulously chosen, and each package is special. “We’re excited about every box we offer,” says Barlow.

About Cook St. Liquor:
Focused on fostering relationships with the world’s finest breweries, Cook St. Liquor is known for being a top retailer of many craft beer brands, both local and imported – a distinction that ensures it frequently gets access to limited-edition and hard-to-find products.

“Everything we bring in to the store is out of the ordinary,” says Barlow. “We’ve all but nixed the mega brands: no Miller, no Coors, no mainstream products. Other stores may sell craft beer, but they don’t specialize in it in the same way we do. It’s what our local customers have appreciated for years – and what Beer Mail customers can now enjoy, too.”

In addition to its outstanding selection, Cook St. Liquor offers expert advice through an exceptionally knowledgeable staff, as well as beer-related events such as Extreme Beer with the Beast, a highly popular tasting series with local craft beer expert Adem Tepedelen, author of the Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers.


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