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Stanley Park Brewing gets Refreshed
same fresh taste, inspired new look, just in time for National Beer Day

Vancouver, B.C. – Stanley Park Brewing is bringing a new look to their adventurous portfolio of brews just in time for National Beer Day. Just as every beer is crafted as a tasty tribute to the Park experience, the time has come to refresh the brand identity to celebrate and better reflect their source of inspiration. Stanley Park Brewing will launch this new look, sharing it with the public, on April 7th.

The reinvigorated design may feel fresh, but the source has been brewing for some time. Taking cues from the landscape and materials of the Park, it features illustrated park moments, a new logo mark inspired by the unique shape of the park, and a custom typeface whose natural, stick-inspired letters are derived from an early iconic Stanley Park sign.

“Walking into the brewery my goals are always to craft new brews focusing on quality and innovation, and bringing the spirit of Stanley Park to life with every sip. Our new look has been crafted with that same purpose in mind.” says Brewmaster, Todd Fowler.

“In everything we do, we are Stanley Park inspired, and having a look that’s grown from that same inspiration was a natural step forward, shares Doug Devlin, Head of Marketing at Stanley Park Brewing. “Instead of feeling completely new, we now feel closer to our roots.” 

Breathe a little Park into your life and find the new Stanley Park Brewing on retail shelves in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan this Spring. 

As beer-crafters, we’re explorers at heart. Stanley Park has always been our inspiration, and honouring our curiosity and seeking out new adventures are things we’ve always been about. From windstorms to daytrips to incredible sunsets best viewed from the beach, every beer we craft is a tasty tribute to Stanley Park and the experiences had within. And just like the park, we craft each one to be an exciting break from the everyday, an experience to be explored and savoured. Since 2009, we have offered a diverse portfolio of beer and continue to promote innovation and quality under the leadership of brewmaster Todd Fowler. Stanley Park Brewing products are available for sale in retail stores and in many of your favourite pubs and restaurants across BC and AB. For more information, please visit


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