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Granville Island Brewing launches Lions Summer Ale
A new Summer Brew from The Makers of Lions Winter Ale

Vancouver, B.C. (April 3, 2017) – Winter is officially over, and for West Coasters it’s been an unusually snowy one. Whether you cheered or jeered the fresh dumps of snow, for most people the changing of seasons brings with it the anticipation of new adventures and opportunities including new summer beers to try.

Lions Summer Ale is the newest brew from Canada’s original microbrewery Granville Island Brewing. It’s also the summer cousin to Lions Winter Ale, one of Canada’s favourite winter beers. 

“Lions Winter Ale was definitely part of the inspiration behind Summer Ale.” says Granville’s Brewmaster Kevin Emms. “One thing I love about Winter Ale is how it captures the flavour of the season so well. I wanted to see if we could brew something that does the same thing for a different season. If we could create a beer that captures the feelings and flavours of a BC summer.”

Indeed, the beer’s hazy, pale gold colour could easily represent a July sunset over Vancouver’s famous coastal mountains. Brewed with tropical fruits, the Summer Ale’s juiciness is balanced with subtle biscuity notes for an easy-going personality that’s perfect after a paddle on the water or a hike up to your favourite lookout. It finishes slightly tart, dry and refreshing.

Lions Summer Ale will be available in liquor retailers, bars and restaurants across Canada from April

About Granville Island Brewing (Granville)

Started in Vancouver in 1984, Granville Island Brewing (Granville) is Canada's original microbrewery, leading the better beer movement known today as craft. Our founders believed consumers deserved more choice than the mainstream lagers available at the time.  Throughout the last three decades Granville Island Brewing has introduced a West Coast inspired line-up of laid back, flavourful, approachable brews perfect for moments big and small. While the craft beer movement continues to grow, our ambition

has not changed: we're on a pursuit to welcome people into the wonderful world of better quality more flavourful beer styles.  Our original small batch brewery is our exploration space on Granville Island welcoming millions of tourists and locals annually to learn about craft beer and enjoy a quality pint.


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