new direction

So, like, I haven't been writing much about beer lately.
Yeah, I still write an article here and there (note to self, get on writing that article that's due soon) but I haven't been as inspired as I once was to blather on about beer ad nauseum.
I still love beer.  I still go to beer events and get excited about the latest buzz.  I'm just not interested in dissecting each experience.
Part of that is due to Instagram - that stupid app changed my life!  It's so much easier to just take a photo and share it there.  Now you all know what I drank.  No need to write about it.
Part of it is due to other things taking up my focus.  Like being middle aged.  I had no idea how much mental energy that was going to take!
My last article for the Growler nicely married beer and being middle aged.
And got me to thinking that maybe that is something I'd like to do more of.  Talk about being middle aged through different lenses.  Craft beer and tasting rooms, where to find edgy but age-appropriate clothing, how to negotiate internet dating as a middle-aged person.
I'm sure lots of people are doing it, but I'm not finding them easily.  Not like I can beer enthusiasts who are long on style and social media savvy, but short on actual beer knowledge.
Which I guess is the last part of why I'm not doing as much beer evangelizing as before.  It's hard to compete with the millennials.  They seem to pop up out of nowhere with thousands of followers.  Back when I started this blog, local beer writers used to promote each other and cheer each other on.  But over the years it has felt less and less like a community and more like a competition and that just ain't my style.  This is my hobby, I only have so much time and energy to put into it.  When it started sliding away from being fun and into unpaid work, I started letting it go.
Which brings us back to what I think I'm going to turn this beer blog into - a middle-aged blog!
There will still be beer stuff.  But there will also be middle-aged stuff.  I'm pretty sure those darned millennials aren't talking about that. Yet.


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