frightening news

There's a lot of frightening news these days.  Most of it because of Trump and the far-right.
But I read an article yesterday that struck far more fear into my heart than that bozo has yet managed to.

It hit me on so many levels.  The biggest of which are:
1. It directly affects me, right now;
2. It is yet another shining example of gender bias in research, health care, and measurement of worth;
3. It will probably be used against women instead of used to fund more research and improve healthcare;
4. And because any good that comes of this research, will come too late for me.

So, what is the frightening news?  Menopause may cause alzheimer's.

Dammit!  I was eagerly awaiting arriving at the other side of menopause, but now I'm wishing it was still years away for me.  I need more time to change my diet (even though I'm already pretty darned good), and exercise more, and somehow reduce my stress, and get a brain-scan, and play word games, and save money so I can retire early - and fund research into whether hops are enough of a phytoestrogen to protect my peri-menopausal brain from alzheimer's.  I'm particularly fond of hops and will happily volunteer myself for research into how they may boost women's health, overall and in the areas of depression and alzheimer's particularly.

Anyway, here is the article I read

Here's the one from Dr. Mosconi herself in the New York Times

And here are some other versions:
Wall Street Journal
Weill Cornell Medicine


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