women redefining middle age

There are lots of books coming out this summer on the topic of women hitting middle age - and fighting back!

The Wall Street Journal's article lists a plethora of them.  Alas WSJ demands that I subscribe if I want to keep reading their articles.  I enjoyed my first read, but they won't let me back to read it again and make a proper list of all their reading suggestions.  But here are three books that the snipit I can still see includes:

Flash Count Diary - Darcey Steinke

(It's Great to) Suck at Something - Karen Rinaldi

Is There Still Sex in the City? - Candace Bushnell

There are lots of interesting comments on the Wall Street Journal's Facebook page (and yes, I did read the comments!).  Of course there are some jackass men who feel they must comment on how over hearing about women's empowerment they are.  But there are some really wonderful comments from aging women, both on the 'rah-rah my aging years are amazing' side, and those pointing out some very good food for thought - among them that for some women there never have been rules so none of this is new; that not every woman will have health good enough to take up surfing late in life; that not every woman can afford to stop working and live a life of leisure; and that one woman's best life is not going to look like every other woman's best life.

I feel fortunate that what I am experiencing is being talked about now, while I can benefit from it.  Thank you to all the ground-blazing women who have gone before me and afforded me this, and many other, privileges. Rah-rah!


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