public service announcement

I'm not sure when basic life skills stopped being passed down from parent to child, but I would guess it was some time around the disintegration of sharply defined class lines.

I have been noticing lately that many, many people do not know that they are meant to do some snipping on new clothes.

You know that basting stitch that holds the back venting flap of your overcoat closed?

It is not meant as a useful or decorative stitch - its sole job is to hold the flap closed while the coat hangs on the rack waiting for you to buy it.  Once purchased, snip that sucker off!

Don't be the guy sporting this weird butt gape!

Snip all your vents - coats, suit jackets, pencil skirts - be free!  Look like you know what you're doing when you dress yourself.

And don't forget the stitched closed pockets - if it is a basting stitch, that pocket is meant to be an actual pocket.  Snip the stitches and start stashing your belongings.

Last, but not least - if there is a name label on your sleeve?  That's not there for humble bragging purposes.  It was for identification purposes in the warehouse and on the store rack - so much easier to see on the sleeve than having to open the jacket to look at the inside neck label.  Snip that sucker off too!

GQ advice on not looking like a suit amateur.

But BuzzFeed suggests you don't go up to strangers and tell them to start snipping.
Okay, BuzzFeed, I'll just blog about it then.

I learned these things from my mother - probably by watching her do the snipping more than being sat down and taught it like a lesson.  But did I pass the knowledge along to my kid?  I don't even know - so here, now you all know!


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