things that changed my life

I'm not talking big things here, people.  Just some little things that made a huge impact on my contentment level:

- prescription sunglasses
I don't know why I was so late to the game!  I've had prescription glasses for many years - but I only need them when I want to see things more than a few feet away from me.  Okay, so that's most of the time... but somehow I kept buying regular lens sunglasses.  Until I was caught having to drive in blinding sunlight.  I borrowed my brother's prescription sunglasses and my mind was blown! Total game-changer for me.

- neck-support pillows
These are so wonderful, I don't think there are enough words to express how much better my sleep is now that my neck doesn't kink up.  They ain't pretty.  And they don't fit standard pillow cases.  But damn, are they comfy!  I have actually taken to making my own pillow cases for them because I hated how baggy standard cases were.  I do love an excuse to have to craft something…

where craft meets craft

If you’re a maker, or want to be one, there are a couple of BC breweries offering the chance to be crafty while drinking craft beer.
I’m an avid knitter, usually on my own, but welcome the opportunity to connect with other knitters.  Sure, there are lots of stitch and bitch sessions held at my local yarn stores.  But I'm lazy - those local yarn stores aren't in my neighbourhood and I just can't seem to muster the get up and go to leave my house on a dark wintery night.
With a knit night I get to go hang out with other knitters (and crocheters – a skill I do not yet possess), AND drink beer.It’s the perfect combination of two of my great loves, and a low-key night out!  Plus Strange Fellows and Andina are both quite close to my place.  That combination is all the motivation I need to get out and socialize.
And judging by the ever increasing number of people at Strange Fellows every month, I’m not the only one who has been craving this kind of meet-up.
Vancouver hosts two knit n…

the Growlies!

B.C.’s only province-wide craft beer readers’ choice awards are back!

VANCOUVER, Oct. 3, 2019—The Growler’sB.C. Craft Beer Readers’ Choice Awards, AKA, the Growlies, is back with more beers, more categories and—best of all—more prizes!
The Growlies celebrate all of the awesomeness that is B.C. craft beer by giving beer lovers a say in who wins. Unlike traditional beer awards, The Growler’s B.C. Craft Beer Readers’ Choice Awards are be decided by the beer-drinking public: between Oct. 3 and 25, 2019, you can vote online at for the beers and breweries you think are the best in B.C.
With the help of our panel of craft beer experts, we’ve narrowed the field to 10 nominees in each beer style category. And if you don’t like our choices, this year you can write in your own picks instead!
Those who take part in the online poll will be entered to win an absolutely bonkers luxury helicopter craft beer tour from SKY Helicopters, as well as top-of-the-line homebrewing equipment and …

brewing up gender parity

My article on gender parity is on the Growler website!

BREWING UP GENDER PARITY: THE QUEST FOR BEERQUALITY REBECCA WHYMAN • JUNE 13, 2019 Women are markedly underrepresented in craft beer. This is not news to anyone. But have you ruminated on just how large the gender gap is? A 2018 survey by Nielsen-Harris found American craft beer drinkers are 68.5 per cent male and 31.5 per cent female. Closer to home, BeerMeBC’s 2018 survey had those numbers at 71 and 29 per cent, with 0.32 per cent identifying as “other.” For those not so strong in the math department, that means that there are only three women drinking craft beer for every seven men. If you were a straight man looking for a date, you wouldn’t like those odds at all. And I can tell you, as one of those three women, it’s not much fun being outnumbered everywhere I go to enjoy my beloved craft beer, delightful as those seven men may be. Drinking craft beer is the easy part—when we move into the sections of craft beer world that inv…

the end of an era

The grandfather of Canadian brewing passed away yesterday.

What's Brewing captured a final salute from John Mitchell to the BC craft beer community.

Cheers to you, John, for all you've done for the beverage and community we all love.

seattle's beer industry is sexist

This won't come as a surprise to any women in the industry.
Unfortunately, it probably will to too many of the men.

Seattle's beer industry is sexist

And it is a timely topic for me - my latest Growler article addresses the massive gender gap in craft beer.  Check it out in the paper copy of the Growler now, and coming up online soon.

women redefining middle age

There are lots of books coming out this summer on the topic of women hitting middle age - and fighting back!

The Wall Street Journal's article lists a plethora of them.  Alas WSJ demands that I subscribe if I want to keep reading their articles.  I enjoyed my first read, but they won't let me back to read it again and make a proper list of all their reading suggestions.  But here are three books that the snipit I can still see includes:

Flash Count Diary - Darcey Steinke

(It's Great to) Suck at Something - Karen Rinaldi

Is There Still Sex in the City? - Candace Bushnell

There are lots of interesting comments on the Wall Street Journal's Facebook page (and yes, I did read the comments!).  Of course there are some jackass men who feel they must comment on how over hearing about women's empowerment they are.  But there are some really wonderful comments from aging women, both on the 'rah-rah my aging years are amazing' side, and those pointing out some very goo…