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Everyone knows that beer tastes great with all things bbq and picnic, but did you also know that you can make bbq and picnic foods with beer?   Oh, friends, you can!   Let me count the ways for you! You can poacha sausage in beer; Or make marinade for your deer; You don’t have to have skills To add chills and thrills Your chili will pop Your potato salad ’s the tops Beer soaked chickpeas for hummus Taste so good with hops like Columbus! Seriously though, beer is a great flavour enhancer in cooking and lends itself well to barbeque fare and summer side dishes.  The possibilities are endless, really. Let’s start with the mains: Beer poached sausages –  For vegetarians and meat eaters alike there are plenty of recipes available online.   The very simple premise though is that you take your favourite sausage, poke holes in it, then poach it in beer before grilling it.   This adds even more flavour to your sausage and halves the grilling time required!

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from yesterday's beer column on cbc radio one's on the coast: Beers are great at barbecues  for drinking — and eating? Plus, check out Rebecca Whyman's beer picks for the week CBC News   Posted: Jun 21, 2016 7:06 PM PT  Last Updated: Jun 21, 2016 7:06 PM PT If you're looking to add a little something to your sausages, consider poaching them with beer, Rebecca Whyman says. (Austin Keys/Flickr) 32 shares Facebook Twitter Reddit Google Share Email Related Stories OTC beer and wine B.C. breweries tap into success at Canadian Brewing Awards Since it seems like summer's already here, check out these summer beer picks Cold beer is an essential part of any good summer barbecue, but  On The Coast  beer columnist Rebecca Whyman says beer isn't just for drinking at barbecues: it's also for cooking. She says beers are great for poaching sausages: just poke


For Immediate Release Thursday, June 16 Street Food and the Culinary Arts Collide at Vancouver’s Premiere Celebration of Food Culture on August 5-7, 2016. Arrival Agency's popular summer food event—formerly known as Food Cart Fest—is back, bigger and better. Now known as YVR Food fest, it has evolved into a into a weekend-long celebration of food culture in Vancouver and beyond. Consistently named one of the city’s top food events by the Georgia Straight and WestJet Magazine, Food Fest is now in its fifth year. "YVR Food Fest’s new direction expands on our previous work by including different communities, generating dialogue and pushing boundaries around food culture. With the help of the top food and beverage minds in our city, we hope t

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CANCITY | ALL CRAFT, ALL CANNED Vancouver’s Newest Craft Beer and Cider Sampling Pulls the Tab on Downtown Vancouver, July 30 VANCOUVER BC, JUNE 14, 2016 On Saturday July 30th from 2pm-8pm, Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza will play host to the city's newest Craft Beer & Cider sampling event - but there's a twist; everything is coming from a can! Burnaby’s West Coast Canning work with BC’s up and coming breweries to can their brilliant brews with their state of the art mobile canning unit. “We wanted to create an event that allowed us to first highlight the quality of the craft beer being brewed here in BC, as well as the unique care and attention that each brewery is putting into both their product and packaging,” said Matt Leslie, co-founder of West Coast Canning.   “There has long been a stigma associated with cans as we immediately equate them to the mass produced brews we were stealing out of the family fridge as teenagers, but they are quick

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Vancouver Island Brewing announcement . Today, our president Barry Fisher entrusts Vancouver Island Brewery to new ownership and new leadership to carry on our craft tradition.


I'm not hip with the new ways of meeting people. Like meet-ups. But, I went to one last night, and discovered that they're a great idea!  Go internet!  Way to use the thing that has taken the face-to-face out of life to find people to face-to-face with! So, if you're a gay man looking to socialize, and you can stand the idea of doing it over beer, I strongly suggest you hit the next Gay Men's Beer and Social Meet-up.  They meet quite often, at different tasting rooms around Vancouver. If you're something else, I suggest looking through the various meet-ups and finding one that works for you.  It would appear that whatever you're into, a bunch of other people are too.  (The invisible coffee one intrigues me the most - I think they may be my kind of people.) Fortunately for beer geeks, pretty much every day there's an unofficial meet-up at every tasting room in town.  Which is also the way that pubs in the UK work.  Everything old is new again!

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from the cbc website , here are the highlights from yesterday's beer column on 'on the coast' with stephen quinn: B.C. breweries tap into success at Canadian Brewing Awards Check out beer columnist Rebecca Whyman's picks from the 2016 awards CBC News   Posted: Jun 07, 2016 5:00 PM PT  Last Updated: Jun 07, 2016 5:00 PM PT The Four Winds team celebrates with their hardware at the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards. The Vancouver brewery won the Beer of the Year award for their dry-hopped sour, Nectarous. (@FourWindsBrewCo/Twitter) 63 shares Facebook Twitter Reddit Google Share Email Related Stories OTC beer and wine Since it seems like summer's already here, check out these summer beer picks 'Hop' into a summer beer vacation, beer columnist suggests It's been a busy week for craft beer fans, says  On The Coast  beer columnist Rebecca Whyman. Vancouve