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there just aren't enough hours in my day!
no time to blog, gotta go drink cask at the yaletown
stout with lavender...

and then i'm off camping for the long weekend
happy canada day!!

(and my beer of choice for the weekend is red racer ipa, in case you were wondering)

link love

turning beer into energy - the ultimate green for your beer!
you buy beau's bourbon aged beer, they put in solar panels - win/win!

not really beer related, but i do love my bc lions
if you want to volunteer at the grey cup parties, sign up now!

want to buy all things belgian online?  then visit the belgian shop

rogue's next beer pairing dinner is july 12th featuring beers from crannog
you know i'll be there!

craft beer and indie restaurants are a natural fit, as if you didn't already know that!

and homebrewing not just for broke musicians any more!

50 book challenge

the count so far on my 50 book challenge is 21
at the end of june i should be at 25...
gotta start reading more short books - no more 800+ page ones!


Michael V. Smith: Progress

Michael Connelly:  Angels Flight
Jilly Cooper: Jump!


Rachel York: Chasing Lightning

Guy Gavriel Kay: Under Heaven

Kim Harrison: Black Magic Sanction


Preston & Child: Fever Dream

Nicholas Pashley: Cheers! An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada


Louise Welsh – Naming the Bones

Jack Whyte – Order in Chaos

Noah Boyd – The Bricklayer


Christopher Moore – Coyote Blue

Christopher Moore – Island of the Sequined Love Nun

Jeff Lindsay – Dexter by Design

Rachel Solar-Tuttle – Number Six Fumbles

Val McDermid – Fever of the Bone

Kim Harrison – Once Dead, Twice Shy

Jonathan Franzen – Freedom


MaryJanice Davidson – Undead & Unwelcome

MaryJanice Davidson – Undead & Unworthy

Kim Harrison – White Witch, Black Curse

cask night

tonight's cask at the railway club is a dry-hopped pale ale from russell brewing

21st amendment brewery

how many posts can i get out of my visit to 21st amendment brewery in san francisco?
well, i took lots of photos and five pages of notes!

located at 563 2nd street, it is very close to giants stadium
meaning that they get a huge crowd before and after games
and they have a special license on game days to open a beer garden in the street next door

because i went on a game day i didn't get to have a tour of the brewery itself
but since they have a glass wall between the brewery and the pub, i got to see the brewery

the interior is all wooden beams and exposed duct work and cinder block walls
there is a bar, a lower seating area and a loft bar over the kitchen
and like i said, on game days there is a beer garden outside

during the giants game the beer garden looked like this:

and this is the lower seating area and bar after a game:

and this is the disco ball in the brewery!!:

thus endeth post #1 about 21st amendment brewery

san francisco

just randomly walking down 2nd street on my way between the bart from the airport and 21st amendment brewery
as in very shortly after arriving in san francisco on a thursday afternoon
i passed an indian restaurant whose curtain protecting their beer stock had fallen
i was stopped in my tracks checking out the beers they had on offer
and i was impressed:
delerium tremens
shipyard ipa
flying horse

go figure!
i felt like this was a very good sign of the beer delights in store for me for the rest of my beer vacation in san francisco!

i'm ba-ack!

back from my san francisco mini vacation
not too sure what the overarching theme was though
i went down for pride
but at least half of my photos are beer related...

and i just gotta say the weather was very welcoming there
not like the suckage i have returned to in vancouver...

san francisco

so long, farewell
i'm off to san francisco for the weekend!
catch ya next week

la dame blanche

all the way from paris, it's white woman beer!

thanks jessica for taking time out of your paris odyssey to send me this pic!


brewdog names the top 5 contentious craft beer issues (at least in scotland) as:

can vs. bottle
keg vs. cask
high abv beers
duty on beer
multinational buy-outs

i'd say at least four of the five are relevant for north america as well
(the duty issue or setting a minimum price for alcohol isn't currently being addressed by parliament in canadia as far as i know... and i'm too lazy to find out for sure)

brewing room

we're not quite ready to brew our own yet
this is the current state of the brewing room
note how diligently we have been collecting bottles!


2,500 ibus
is that even possible???
i dunno, i'm not a science person, but ontario claims it has brewed a 2,500 ibu beer
oh ontario, always gotta be the biggest and best
a gimmick?  probably
do i want to try it?  of course!
and frankly i hadn't heard of flying monkeys brewery until this
so if its a publicity stunt, it worked on me!

beer geekery

howe sound rockfish red t-shirt:

san francisco

ooooh, this sounds like the beer store i need to visit in san francisco this coming weekend
city beer store on folsom street
check out that beer list!

and it looks like i might get a brewery tour at 21st amendment
i'll be at the pub/brewery on thursday afternoon!
(thought i'd kill the bit of time i have been arriving and my friend getting off work imbibing the back in black, hop crisis and over hopulation, all of which are on tap today... hopefully still on thursday!)

"Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your note. Because we are a full service restaurant, there is always a brewer or a manger available that can potentially give small groups brewery tours. We often do impromptu tours provided we are not too busy--mid-afternoon is a good time for this.
I recommend you call ahead to the pub to set up a time for a guaranteed tour.
Their phone number is (415) 369-0900
Thanks for thinking of us and Cheers!

Craft Beer in a can.
Better for the beer.
Better for the environment."

doh!  my h…

rogue farm

i am a total geek
i am excited by this crop report
hops, growing hops!
and all sorts of other great agricultural stuff
i feel kinda like les nessmann with the hog report!!

Rogue Nation Department of Agriculture
June 2011
Rogue Farms Micro Barley Farm,
Tygh Valley, Oregon:
RiskTM 2-row winter malting barley is fully grown and filling out the kernels. Color recently changed from green to rusty brown. Rains delayed the planting of the DareTM 2-row spring malting barley. But recent sunny weather is helping them grow, they're now almost a foot tall. Total acres planted down slightly from last year.

Crop:  RiskTM 2-row winter malting barley
Acres in Production:  95
Estimated Harvest:  475,000 pounds

Crop:  DareTM 2-row spring malting barley
Acres in Production:  90
Estimated Harvest:  450,000 pounds

Micro Floor Malt House: We lost a 2,000 pound batch of 2-row floor malt when the kiln malfunctioned during the first weekend of June and had to dump it. This has delaye…

hop in the dark

my friend scout is a very good friend indeed
she was in portland recently
and when i asked if she could make it a mission to find some deschutes hop in the dark for me, she did!
she brought back a bottle for us to share after softball
and another for me to enjoy at my leisure

the bottle we shared on friday night was every bit as good as i remember last year's being
and such a great treat!

i'm hoarding the other bottle for a bit
savouring the knowledge that it is there waiting for me

i love having friends who understand the importance of beer
and being willing to go out of their way to make sure i get me some otherwise unavailable bottles!

a million thank yous scout!

beer geekery

beer goggles???

cask night

the cask at the yaletown last thursday was iain hill's brick and beam ipa
dry-hopped with uk goldings
and it was delicious
i may or may not have had far too many pints of it
but really, it wasn't my fault
i blame rob, who was in town from onterrible
yeah, it was his fault
or maybe it was the rum drinks they gave us to sample...

as always, good times at the yaletown that made my friday morning a little painful

women in beer

our very own vancouver local lundy dale gets quoted in this article about women in beer and barley's angels!
go lundy!

i'm looking forward to the upcoming beer and chocolate event...

june 18

need a reason to travel to victoria on saturday?
how about the victoria one-day cultural festival
which boasts a beer garden!!!!

eat vancouver

yay beer garden!
eat vancouver last weekend was good times!

we showed up nice and early and ate our way through half of the exhibitors
and then hit the beer garden!
who was there?
well, let me tell you:

and central city...
lots of wine and spirits as well
fun fun fun on a weekend afternoon!

we ate our way through the other half of the exhibitors
and returned to the beer garden for more
and had us some absinthe from taboo
i hear it makes the heart grow fonder...

nando's giving out 125ml bottles of wild herb peri-peri sauce
natura giving out three packs of soy milk drink boxes
1921 cream of tequila
leo of vancouver beer blog having too many tickets to use and sharing them liberally with me!
russell being so

21st amendment

just in time for my san francisco trip
21st amendment releases hop crisis imperial ipa
aged in oak barrels!
gonna find me some and bring it home to canadia, yes i am!

please, please, please have some on draft in a drinking establishment i frequent
and please, please, please let me find some at the store!
21st amendment...
DBI Beverage

2225 Jerrold Ave.
San Francisco CA 94124
(415) 643-9900
i hope i can find this place...
gah - its in south san francisco
dagnabbit, that doesn't work

bah - and california isn't getting any dogfish head 120 minute ipa either
this is not going as well as i had hoped...

hopefully my hop in dark has made it to canadia and i will be tasting that delicious nectar friday evening...

cask night

last week's cask at the yaletown was the downtown brown ale
dry-hopped with uk goldings!

last week also saw us get to taste imported beers
ryan brought back two from his trip to winnipeg

one, from half pints, tasted exactly like apple crumble!
he also traded a growler of yaletown with the half pints guys for a bottle out of their cellar collection
the 3 musketeers grand cuvee doppelbock
holy divinely fabulously delicious batman!

no one got the chocolate from this one at first
but after we visited a couple of other beers and revisited it
everyone got the chocolate notes

iain then raided his cellar and produced a couple of belgians for us

i translate this one as ringing bell
i do not speak flemish or any related language, so i'm totally making it up!
and i'm having too much fun with my invented translation to look up what it actually means

not all of us are belgian fans
(yay, so nice to have company on that one!)
but we all agreed that these two were …

coconuts go!

going back to moose's down under tonight to watch game 7!
yay russell lemon ale!

moose's doesn't have the best beer list ever
but for an aussie pub, its darned good
and i really am a fan of the russell lemon ale!

and they make a very mean nachos!

go canucks go!