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that's it, smell ya later
i'm outta here on vacation
i'll be back in canadia on february 9th, just in time for beernesday

until then you'll have to suffer through without me and my bons mots!



i would put up photos from last night's beernesday - my last before my two week hiatus
but apparently i have run out of storage space on my free picassa
and i'm too much of a ludite to figure out how to fix that...

oh well, maybe when i'm be back in vancouver in two weeks' time, with a tan!!

pike press


Read All About It:

January 24, 25 and 26

PIKE PUB presents a Robbie Burns Birthday Special
Robbie Burns' birthday is January 25th. To commemorate it, the Pike Pub has created a dish that would make the Scottish bard, Robbie Burns, Lift his Kilt!


Succulent, locally-raised, lamb chops, marinated in garlic, ginger and Pike Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale, oven roasted and finished with Kilt Lifter Dundee sauce (Kilt Lifter and Dundee Orange Marmalade sauce) served with Bacon Mashed Turnips and Potatoes and Chef Gary Marx's comforting, creamed spinach.
Served with a schooner of Pike Kilt Lifter - $27.95
Order this dish and take home a free Robbie Burns songbook.

"At the Pike Pub we use local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible, this can lead to minor last minute changes in special menu items."



JANUARY 29TH, 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

A unique op…

beer tasting 2009

just found these notes from a beer tasting two years ago
january 29, 2009
with someone i don't even speak to any more...

Beer tasting

Stella Jan 29
Satan Gold

J liked it. Very crisp. Lots of apple smell
R didn't like it and found it not good lambic-like. Likes the label
8% alcohol
Ingredients: water barley malt wheat malt hops yeast
Brewed by brewery De Block
Best served: between 8 and 10 degrees c
Stellas says: pours a blondish yellow. The nose has notes of apples, subtle note of banana and malts. Almost similar to a lambic. Comes across the palete As slighty biter with a mild spice.

10.5 %
Contains barley malt
best served between 7 and 11 c
it's brewed by brewery van steenberge

reb likes the ship on the label. Literally translates the label as highly fermented strong beer. Refermented in bottle. She enjoys the hops but doesn't like whatever they are with. Reb wonders if it's tropical fruit caus…

pike press


Date: Thursday, February 10
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Location: The Pike Pub Micro Brewery Museum
Cost: $25 per person
Reserve Now

Tara (206) 812-6604

PIKE'S CHOCOFEST, billed as "FOREPLAY BEFORE THE BIG DAY" is a romatic and educational way to discover the wide variety of chocolate treats from here and around the world. Stations set up throughout the Micro Brewery Museum and Naughty Nellie Room feature more than two dozen different chocolates each represented by an expert (usually the chocolate makers themselves) paired with more than twenty different beers, wines and spirits to sample with representatives, who will explain their beverages.

· Badger Mountain Vineyards and Powers Winery · Beer Candy · Bonafide Wine Estates
· Carter's Chocolates · Chocolate Box · Chukar Cherries · Classical Wines : Montilla-Moralles
· Clear Creek Distillery · Click Wholesale: fine beer and port · Claudio Corallo
· Confectional · Fran's Chocolates ·…

special release beers

10 special release beers you may just wanna check out!

click here for the article at draftmag

beer bomb

oh sam adams, how you bombed with beer champagne!

for the huffington post article, click here

beer book

oooh, a new book about beer!

"Beer is Proof God Loves Us"
By Charles W. Bamforth (Financial Times Press, $25.99)

beer can collection

i want to write a book about my beer collections...
but i'm not ready yet
i haven't been collecting beer cans since 1975!

click here for the cool hunting article on a beer collection book to die for

flying dog

i want this job!

beer fact of the day

Craft Beer Locator

Beer Fact of the Day: Throughout history, beer has been important. How important? Napoleon said, "On victory, you deserve beer. In defeat, you need it."

the alibi

for brewed awakening's ode to the alibi room, click here

beer fact of the day

Craft Beer Locator

Beer Fact of the Day: Are fresh hops important? According to Stan Hieronymus, alpha acids can oxidize and even become insoluble. Hops can lose as much as 10 - 20% of their Alpha Acids in their 1st year . . . even if stored if sealed & stored properly.

tonight's cask

Red Racer Beer

Tonight St. Augustine's will be tapping a cask of Gary's "drink your breakfast" Oatmeal Stout. That's our Oatmeal Stout infused with Bean Around the World espresso, demerara sugar, and vanilla beans soaked in vodka.

musings on sobriety

musings on sobriety on a beer blog?
did you ever think you'd see the cruel, cruel day?

i dunno for sure how much of it is the lack of booze
but i find january to be a month where i fail to feel motivated to socialize

i do a cleanse every january
this involves eating no wheat, sugar, dairy, yeast, fermented foods....
basically i don't get to eat anything fun
and that includes all forms of alcohol as they're basically just sugar

january also happens to be the first month of the new year
and along with that comes introspection, reflection and self-indulgent resolutions to live better

january is a long, dark month
and in vancouver, its usually very long, very dark and very wet

all of these things team up in varying proportions to make me want to flee my life
or contradictorially, to hibernate
fortunately january is also a month of few social engagements for me
so it is very easy to hibernate
to lay low and contemplate my navel

however, when i do feel obligated to make a…

wine harlots

they may be wine harlots, but that doesn't stop them talking about beer!
click here to check out their review of flying dog's raging bitch

brewdog news

its all about the alice porter and the i hardcore you over at the brewdog blog

i wish their t-shirts were available here
shipping is just tooooo much to make them fit my budget if i were to shop at the brewdog online store


photos from beernesday on january 12th

beer is medicinal

more proof that beer is medicinal:
a pharmacy in new york adds a beer aisle to appeal to the locals
no pints sold there, but you can get your growler filled!

for the full new york times article, click here

p.s. thanks alison for sending me this and all the huffington post articles!
you rock!!

stadium beer scandal

as the nfl season winds down, the huffington post took at look at beer sizes at the seahawks' stadium
and found that small beers and large beers were actually the same size
now that's a stadium beer mix-up i'd be happy to have!

click here for the article

food pairing dinners

next week appears to be the week of the beer and food pairing dinners in vancouver!

me, i am breaking cleanse to attend the dinner at rogue on tuesday
and get me some red racer!
(gee, i hope they bring toques for all of us...)

from the camra vancouver newsletter:
Central Bistro will host one of the three beer pairing dinners happening around town this week. Central Bistro's five course Howe Sound Brewmaster's Dinner takes place Tuesday, January 18th at 7:00pm. Also on January 18th is Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar's four course Central City Beer Dinner. Maenam and BeerThirst have also teamed up to host a five course beer dinnerhighlighting BeerThirst's craft beer portfolio on Monday, January 17th (two seatings).

blarney stone

go have lunch at the blarney stone why dontcha?

This Weeks Soup & Sandwich Feature: Irish BLT

Ingredients: Irish Back Bacon, Butter Lettuce & Tomato
Bread: Toasted Sourdough
Served with: Daily Soup*

*Sub soup for fries or salad at no extra charge.
(604) 687 4322

robbie burns night in england

gonna be in london for robbie burns night?
wanna celebrate with brewdog?

click here for the deets

green dragon news


beer is medicinal

beer as medicine?

read all about it here

pike press

Hoppy New Beer!

Well, Pike Double IPA is not exactly new. This is our third year of production, but since we only brew it annually, each reintroduction is like a new flower in Spring. Speaking of flowers, hops are flowers and our Double IPA is a bouquet of the finest Yakima Valley hops. It was released this week and is available on draft and in our 22oz. "Dinner-Size" bottle.

Traditionally, January is a time to slow down from holiday celebrations and make New Year's resolutions: Pike resolves to make more great beer available this year than ever before. Thanks to all of our loyal fans for making 2010 our best year ever.

Please join us at Pike for one of the most fun and educational events of the year, our annual Old Bawdy Vertical Tasting. Compare the most recent vintage, 2010, with four aged versions. Old Bawdy's name pays homage to those lusty ladies of the night at Seattle's La Salle Hotel, our city's most infamous brothel, where Pike Brewery was founde…

brewdog news

ipa is dead
read about their new 4-pack here

and to check out the guest brews available through brewdog, click here

whistler brewing company

i had the distinct pleasure of being in whistler this past weekend omg - glorious weather!
i am not a fabulous skiier or snowboarder so i didn't want to blow the $90 for a lift ticket 2 weeks before i depart for the sun and sand of mexico and risk injury to more than my pride so instead, it was a groupon kinda weekend away in winter wonderland
first stop: whistler brewing company for a brewery tour!

we began with a couple of samplers (and yes, for those following along, i did break my no booze in january policy for this!) powder mountain lager - a very light, sessionable lager that i found pretty insipid export lager - european style, reminiscent of a pilsner, but creamier - for a lager i found it alright

then, to begin our tour with,
altitude honey lager - definitely a sweeter lager, drinkable and quite alright for a lager

i love when i get to taste all the different malts and take big deep wafts of the hops!

whistler brewing company is 21 years old
(guess its legal to drink in the states no…

beer pairings

but wait, not beer and food pairings
although those are amazing,
this article is about movie and beer pairings

from sam calagione of dogfish head
click here for the huffington post article!

caffeine is evil

apparently caffeine and alcohol are a dangerous mix
jump on the bandwagon and be exponentially afraid
(or just go get yourself a drink)

read all about it here

beer geekery

i will be back in mexico in two weeks!!


i may be on the wagon, but that does not mean i do not still attend (host) beernesday at st. augustine's!

photos from january 5th

eat drink local

keeping it local!
for info about this year's eat drink local, click here


the drink local movement gets its due!
click here to read all about locapour

beer geekery

too much fun was had with this kangaroo bottle opener at timbre one night...

mark your calendar!

mark your calendar!
vancouver craft beer week is coming back!
may 6-14, 2011

brew dog news

and their stunt worked!
brewdog changes a 300 year old law!

for the blog post, click here

2010 best beers

the best beers of 2010 available in the bay area of california
(read san francisco, oakland and other places i love to visit!)

click here for brooks on beer's top 10

beer news

brewer's association changes the definition of craft brewed:  click here

therapy in a glass:  ode to festive ales:  click here

red racer beer:  Our Winter Ale is now on tap at Romers Burger Bar. This beer should go great with their excellent selection of burgers.

central city brewing company:  We've got a special Pale Ale on today. Instead of the usual multiple hop styles in the brew Gary used citra hops all they way through the brewing process. This should provide a nice twist on our Pale Ale for you all to enjoy.

half pints brewer's blog, click here

rogue outsells sapporo and kirin

award winners

to read about brewdog's 2010 achievements and goals for 2011, click here

and read below about rogue's award-winning 2010

beer geekery

look what tasha brought back for bridget and i from mexico!

unfortunately, it didn't get drunk before the cleanse, so now it will have to just sit and taunt me until february!

beer geekery


tasting notes

i began and ended last wednesday's beernesday at st. augustine's with hopworks' abominable winter ale
i love this beer!
just can't get enough of it
too bad i'm cleansing now and won't be done until its gone...

i had two samplers
one a winterish ode
the other an ipa off

rogue ales mogul madness:  6.3%  hoppy, caramel aroma, burgundy in colour with an off white head.  intense flavours of citrus, and complex notes of nuts, berries and mocha.
howe sound woolly bugger barleywine:  11%  a rich dark amber barleywine brewed in extremely limited quantities
dead frog mandarin orange amber ale:  5%  combines the aroma and flavour of a fresh mandarin orange with a light amber ale
salt spring fireside ale:  7%  with a rich ruby colour, and a complex fruity nose.  low hop bitterness allows notes of fresh fruit to come through backed by a flavourful malt

i had the mogul madness the week before, but it was my final pint and i took no notes of it, so i had to try it again …

rogue news

save the dates:


photos from the ultimate 2010 beernesday
december 29th