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women in beer in d.c.

if i didn't have a fabulous softball tournie right here in good ole vancouver this weekend i'd be wishing mighty hard that i was in washington d.c. instead!

all 'ale the women in beer!

i left my heart...

i'm going to san francisco in june!
i love s.f.!

gots to get me some anchor steam, some 21st amendment
and what else?

not opening in time for my visit this year, but a place i'd like to check out next time i'm in town
is the monk's kettle's new enterprise
(they had me at 24 taps)
anywhere else i need to check out?

quote of the day

from my friend, the king:

“God, I’d give anything for a drink. I’d give my god-damned soul for just a glass of beer.” – Jack Torrance, The Shining

drink local, eat local

one of the joys of craft beer is that it encourages folks to drink locally produced beer
so if you're on that bandwagon
how about jumping on the eating local bandwagon too?
and make it organic too, where possible

look, even doctors agree!
avoid over-processing, fructose and gmos
support your local (organic) farmer!

and, from my lovely naturopath, a handy guide to which fruits and veggies are most important to purchase organic, and which ones you can get away with purchasing regularly - to help stretch your grocery dollars:

Shoppers Guide To Pesticides

Sometimes we cannot afford to purchase all of our fruit and veggies organic. Here is a list of must-buy

organic (highest in pesticides) and may-buy organic (lowest in pesticides)

Worst (buy organic)
1. Celery
2. Peaches
3. Strawberry
7. Bell Peppers
8. Spinach
9. Kale
10. Cherries
11. Potatoes
12. Grapes

Best (low in pesticides)

1. Onions
2. Avocado
3. Sweet Corn
4. Pineapple
5. Mango
6. …

cask monday

cask tonight at st. augustine's is:

St. Augustine's Manichean Monday

May 30 @ 6:00pm
This Monday St Augustine's will tap a dry-hopped cask of Russell Brewing Company IP'Eh. No word yet on the hop varietal.

and i'll be there to try it - yay!

rewarding disloyalty

disloyalty cards for beer?
could it work in vancouver?
boy, would i love to see that!
hit st. augustine's on monday, the railway on tuesday, cascade room wednesday, yaletown on thursday, london pub on friday, the alibi room on saturday and the whip on sunday and you've filled up half a card already!
that's an incentive plan i can follow!
or is it a disincentive plan...

now we're cooking with beer!

oooh, beer recipes!  yes please!
check out the homebrew chef - shake and bake with ipa!
sure its a chicken recipe and this lacto-ovo pescetarian doesn't do chicken, but still - i can shake and bake some nice tofu you know!  or a fish...

huffington post

the huffington post weighs in on why beer is getting more expensive

wee angry scotch

the cask of oak-aged wee angry scotch at the railway on tuesday night was a whole lot of delicious!

malty and dark roasty and smooth deep mystery in a pint glass!
 i much prefer the oaked to the whiskeyed
i think this might be my favourite wee angry scotch cask to date!

it was a bit too dark for my lager loving friends
so they went for the red racer lager

it was a darned fine way to begin an evening of beering it up!


howe sound brewing and earl's restaurants have teamed up
so now you can get devil's elbow at earl's

i don't normally eat at earl's, but i'll be more likely to go now if i can get me a delicious ipa there!

50 ways to love your lager

"fifty ways to love your lagers
knock that lager back, jack
open a new can, stan
you don't need to be coy, roy
listen to lundy
hop on the beer bus, gus
you will need to discuss much
tasting's the key, lee"
paul simon, as revised by sheila of firefly

as i said, i am not the biggest lager lover
but i was game to have lundy at firefly show me 50 ways to love my lagers!

  i was pretty happy to see some favourites on the line up for tasting on tuesday night
like the lighthouse overboard imperial pilsner, rogue's dead guy and dirtoir black lager!

we began light, with the samuel adams noble pils
which totally smelled like a lager
but it tasted alright - crisp and clean, some resin and bitterness, but no aftertaste

then we went overboard with the lighthouse imperial pilsner
twice the hops, twice the malts, twice the flavour and colour
i'm a fan!
still smells like a lager, but its smooth and fuller-bodied and delicious!

next up was the ayinger octoberfest marzen

dead frog disappointment

oh the disappointment!
i heard back from five vancouver beer bloggers who are interested in doing a field trip to dead frog
which is lovely and wonderful
but i haven't had a response from dead frog
i emailed the ceo last week
and then their general info email yesterday

i'm getting the feeling that they just aren't that into me
which is sad, because sam the brewmaster really seemed pleased with himself for coming up with the idea

i will not give up yet
but i gotta tell ya, it ain't looking good

women in beer

instead of the rest of my review of the vcbw women in beer event, i give you someone else's!

the skinny from granville online on breaking through the pint glass ceiling


trust anheuser busch to have taken a lovely mexican idea and, well, taken it

i have been known to extol the virtues of a true mexican michelada
as it is the beer version of the caesar and probably most refreshing in hot weather
but i find the concept of ruining perfectly good beer with clamato not something i am likely to do

shans is heading to sasquatch this weekend
and is overwhelmingly excited to be stopping at american walmart on her way
to stock up on the bud chelada
i cringe
but hope for her sake it is all that she has dreamed of, and then some
(i mean maybe the clamato will make the budweiser actually palatable...)


this week's yelp is all about the beer in vancouver!

Yelp's Pint Runneth Over

This Weekly Yelp brought to you by Velopalooza
"Howe" does a beer sampling "Sound"?

Vancouverites aren't exactly shy about their suds. But alas, a good micro can be hard to find at your average Cold Beer and Wine Store. So your Weekly Yelp is here to hop you up on the freshest spots to find a frosted barley pop worth drinking. You betta beer-lieve it!

“With over 40 craft beers on tap,” St. Augustine’s is a “must for anyone who likes craft beer,” promises Brad T. He considers himself quite the cicerone and recs "pairing their Flintstones-sized ribs with a pale ale and the oysters with a wheat beer." Kat S gives The Whip and its collection of all the "great microbrews our province has to offer” a crack. The "specialty cask openings on Sunday afternoons" also sound like the perfect cure for what ales us! Andy Y prefers to fill up his beer belly with Th…

busy beer night

busy beer night for me tonight!

first stop:  the railway for cask night - tonight is russell's wee angry scotch

second stop:  50 ways to love your lager at firefly - i don't generally love a lager so i hope to develop some appreciation of lagers beyond pilsners!

st. augustine's

st. augustine's has a new logo!

may long weekend

we only got rained on on saturday!
i actually managed to sunburn my nose!

the motley crew:

the wall of fame:

women in beer

and another installment in the "it happened a while ago" vcbw posts...

women in beer
the thursday of vancouver craft beer week
held at republic

first of all, they asked me to speak
right there you know i'm gonna gush just a little bit about this event
secondly, there were so many amazing women there
you know i'm gonna gush just a little bit more!

because i was speaking, i got to go in early
you know, to help stuff the swag bags aaaaand schmooze with the brewers and lisa morrison! it was great being in there early i got to see all the casks get sprung and talk to everyone before they got swamped by the loving hoardes

at 6:00 the doors opened and the lovely supporters of women in beer arrived
we had all expected that it would be set up differently more places to sit, a proper place to speak from, actual food but alas, republic had a different view of the set up
what we got was a great mingling space with a few roving servers with tiny tapas and a lower platform to speak from
so we i…

dead famous pub crawl

only two weeks late, its my review of the vcbw dead famous pub crawl!
lord love a busy beer drinker!

so, the theme of the pub crawl was dead famous
as in dress up as a famous dead person
(and the sponsor was the dead famous ad agency, who made us all lovely buttons of dead famous people)

the first stop on the crawl was cinema, a donnelly group pub on granville street
there we had our choice of a pint of driftwood's white bark or their farmhand ale
woe be to me the non-wheat or belgian beer drinker in the crowd...
i went with the white bark
the food at this stop was cute little sliders with fries and chipotle aioli
for me they put roasted veggies on a bun, and it was delicious!!
(and hey, were the platters those ones from dragon's den that are all eco and stuff??)

then we wandered our asses through the sunny streets of vancouver to the yaletown brew pubwhere we made everyone in costume pose (posers!)

at the yaletown i started with the pilsner
what a lovely hoppy brew that is



yikes -  very behind on my timely posts...
the cask last week at the railway was leann's candy dish
and it was delish!
tasted like a patio
and that wasn't just me saying so, i heard it echoed around!

i dunno what i was thinking, but somehow "candy dish' equaled peppermint or uber sweet in my mind
but it wasn't
not at all
it was fruity, and tart-sweet
it tasted like summer
like what you'd want to be drinking on a hot and sweaty patio
reminiscent of a fuzzy peach candy, but less sweet

the next cask is lundy's collaboration grapefruit ipa
thanks r&b for actually letting lundy help make it!

the whip was initially offering the vcbw cascadian dark ale cask on sunday afternoon
so i had me a pint
while the grapefruit ipa chilled to the right temperature

while maltier than i like a cda, it was most drinkable
then i made the grave mistake of needing foodand not just any food... i had jalapeno peppers on my taco salad so i kinda blasted my palate before the grapefrui…

beer run

i got tapped to do the office beer run this week
apparently word is out that i like beer, like a lot
the 80 year old consultant suggested that i try some of those local smaller breweries - he's heard that they are producing some nice beers
give me the firm credit card and i'll be happy to support those local smaller breweries!
(heck i'll do it on my own dime too, but shhhh, don't tell the office that!)

and what, you might ask, did i buy?
well... i went to the government store on bute at alberni
which, while it is a "signature" store still doesn't have that great a selection for a beer geek like me
but frankly, the selection is more than good enough to bring something a little different to the happy office folks

granville island raspberry wheat ale (6)
steamwhistle pilsner (6)
phillips hop circle (6)
phillips mixer pack (12) - blue buck, phoenix lager, slipstream cream and coffee stout
cannery mixer pack (6) - ipa, naramata brown and anarchy amber

i think …

may long weekend

i love that the weather forecast for the may long weekend is for sun
its about time!

bring on the fishing
bring on the fire pit
bring on the beer in cans!

i'm going with a different group this year
and will hopefully be bringing craft beer to the fore
the established may long gongers are bud and pilsner drinkers i believe
and make a "wall of shame" from all the empty cans each year
this year i plan to make it a "wall of fame"
with the help of my craft beer loving posse of bridget, tasha, stacy, ananda and justin
craft beer all the way!

(not to mention bailleys in our coffee and fireball nightcaps)

more vcbw pics

more vcbw pics by willie kushner:

dead frog field trip

there are more hops in a dead frog
nothing goes down like a cold dead frog
such great catchphrases!

emails are sent
blogs have been commented on
the first steps towards putting together a vancouver beer blogger's field trip to dead frog in aldergrove have been taken
i'm excited to make this happen!!
i hope the rest of the bloggers feel the same way

even if they don't...
(for whatever unfathomable to me reason)
it was a great excuse for me to see just how many local beer bloggers there are out there and begin to fantasize about possible meet-ups and outreach and all around community building

and i wonder
after checking out all of their blogs
if they know each other already
because most of them link to each other
i need to get in on that!
i have links to several of them, but will be putting some time into linking to the rest
gotta support my local beer geeks!

beer friends

some nice shots i managed to get at vancouver craft beer week: