my head, she aches!
the folks at work suggest it may be related to all the beer i drank over the weekend
i think they might be onto something!

so far my vancouver craft beer week has been fabulous!
definitely worth some head aching mornings!

saturday's dead famous pub crawl, while not rocking my world as much as last year's four beers and a funeral did, was a very good time
folks showed up in costume (famous dead people in case you didn't figure that out from the name of the crawl) and progressed through the crazy weather from cinema to yaletown brewpub to the backstage lounge to dockside, taking an aquabus between yaletown and granville island
as far as i know, no one got stranded on the wrong side of the water!
we were not accompanied by a band this year
but did get serenaded at the backstage lounge by a balkan wedding band
the dockside put on the hockey game for us and fed us a big bbq dinner
and there were buttons!
who doesn't love a button?
i went dressed as james dean and was very excited to find myself a james dean button waiting for me
i felt quite supported in my dead person choice
favourite costume?  the star trek crew who all dressed as the red guys who always get killed!

got to try the vcbw collaboration beer too
its a very palatable cascadian dark ale
not as hoppy as it could be, its definitely more on the malty side

hoppapalooza lived up to the hype
fabulous beers, fabulous beer geek company
lots of laughs, lots of beer sharing
and i got interviewed by the express for shaw television
good times, good times!
photos and fuller review to come
you know, next week after vcbw is all over!


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