head spinning

my head is spinning with so much going on!
i'm kicking off my vancouver craft beer week in an hour with the dead famous pub crawl
then i have beers to pour at a softball event
workshop sunday morning
followed by hopapalooza sunday afternoon

i am very much looking forward to all the vcbw mayhem
but i'm not sure how i'm going to fit everything else in!
had to do laundry this morning and cook for next week as i'm not sure when i'll have more than sleeping time at home between now and next sunday

on top of that, i met an s.e.o. expert last night who has my head spinning with all the things i could be doing (or doing differently) on this blog to get more traffic
its heady stuff!
and i don't want to lose any of it between now and when i have time to implement it...
but when am i going to find the time to implement it?
i'm not even sure when i'm going to find the time to blog about vcbw!

how lucky am i that these are my only laments?
gotta go get into costume now
and make sure the camera battery is charged!


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