sloppy seconds

sloppy seconds, hoppy seconds, spring hop
whatever the heck it officially ended up being called
the camra members-only hopfest at the alibi room on monday night was lots of fun

the goal of the evening was to give members who missed out on tickets for hoppapalooza to try the hoppy casks and kegs leftover from hoppapalooza
so for $20 members bought themselves entry to the alibi room, a burger dinner and a pint of cask not tapped at hoppapalooza
after that pints and sleeves were on at regular price, less 10%

as i lamented in a previous post, i shoulda had half pours at hoppapalooza so that i could have made it furher through the list since there was no way i was going to finish the list at $5 sleeves

i began with the included pint of swan's scotch ale
which was uber-sedimenty and too boozey for me
i made a concerted effort, but i just couldn't finish the whole pint

then my new friend from edmonton bought me a pint of north coast's acme ipa
which had an amazing nose and quite an edge to it, i'm a fan

then i moved into sleeves and had a bear's hop rod rye, conrad's pilsner and the ninkasi believer double red ale (to make sure i still liked it, which i did)
as it was just after 10:00 by this point i passed on finishing the sleeve of fat tug that jason bought for me
jen seemed pretty pleased to take it off my hands
and i made it to bed before 11

the social was a great opportunity to chat up a storm with brewers and appreciators alike
and trade war stories from the first three days of vancouver craft beer week
and i'm impressed that i managed to get out of there reasonably sober!
i felt like a million dollars on tuesday morning!

thanks very much to the alibi for accommodating my stupid dietary restrictions
(there were mushrooms in the veggie burger, so they very kindly grilled me some tomatoes to use on my bun instead)
and providing such great salads and condiments
the coleslaw in particular was divine!


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