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what a guy's go-to drink says about what he's like in bed
because things like this are ALWAYS totally and completely right!

shop local, friends, shop local!

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the beeroness' recipe for pretzel crusted chocolate beer fudge cookies
because you haven't eaten enough bad for you stuff yet this holiday season!

alcoholic butterbeer

beers to curl up with over the holidays

ab-inbev on an acquiring spree

bc on a boozey bender?

beers that replace champagne for celebratoriness

bc craft beers that shaped 2015

new year's eve

Best of 2015 New Year's Eve Brewmaster's DinnerJoin us as we say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016 over local food and craft beer! Tickets are limited and includes a five course, five beer pairing, party favours, DJ and more. Let us worry about the event planning and cooking while you get to sit back and ring in 2016.

Menu available here. To purchase tickets, email us here.

new release

Mt. Pleasant Series Limited Release -
Kettle Sour Export Stout. 

R&B Brewing Co, the original East Van craft brewery, has ventured into the world of sour beer with their latest limited release. As part of the Mt. Pleasant Series, the new Kettle Sour Export Stout is a unique addition to this growing-in-popularity craft beer choice.


Often thought of as the original beer, 'sour' was the way all beer tasted in early times. This was due to the bacteria and yeast that organically ended up in the beer.  When pasteurization and refrigeration came along, the sourness was removed from the beer during the brewing process. With the trend-shift towards crafted and artisanal food and brews, sour beer has had a resurgence, and has grown in popularity in BC, and all over North America.


In Belgium, where traditional sour beers come from, they still purposely use wild yeast to create this sty…

new releases

{Friday December 18, 2015}It's the year of the sour! 2015's Vancouver Beer Awards dedicated their annual theme to this unique style and close to 1,400 BC residents ranked sour beer as their #4 preferred style, beating out lagers and pilsners according to the Craft Beer survey by BeerMeBC. Will the sour beer craze grind to a halt come January 31st? We think not. Get ready to change up the age old phrase when the clock strikes midnight in just a few short weeks:                        Happy New Beer!

Spinnakers' first bottled barrel aged sour, and certainly not the last. Our house lager was barrel aged in red wine French oak barrels before being soured and finally, dry hopped.

Brewery Tasting Notes:
-Lightly tart, with pleasant candy and fruit aromas
-Clean, dry finish,
-Excellent hop aromatics from the dry hop
-Dry-hopped …

cbc website

kettle sours on cbc's website:

Sour beer may be a good choice for the beer-skeptic in your life, says Rebecca Whyman.

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If beer isn't really your thing, give sour beer a try, says On The Coast's beer columnist, Rebecca Whyman.

"If you haven't yet tried a sour beer, I strongly suggest you do. There are a wide variety available locally and imported, and I have found many people who didn't think they liked beer, enjoy a sour beer.

Sour beer was a hit with beer connoisseurs  too, with 26 breweries submitting a sour for this year's B.C. Beer Awards, according to Whyman.

B.C. craft beer trend: 3 tips for enjoying sour beers What makes a beer sour? The acidity and tartness of sour beers come from lactobacillus bacte…

beer column

my notes from yesterday's beer column on cbc radio one's on the coast with laura lynch
aka "the sour hour"

While it may not have had an official designation, 2015 really was the year of the sour in Vancouver.  2015 saw so many local breweries embrace the sour, and the brewer’s challenge at the BC Beer Awards saw 26 breweries enter a sour for judging.  If you haven’t yet tried sour beers, I strongly suggest that you do.  Especially if you don’t think you’re a beer fan.  The number of people I hear about who never liked beer before but are loving sour beers is astronomical!
There is a bit of experimentation with wild yeasts going on (aka spontaneous fermentation, the way beers are soured in Belgium by leaving the beer out in the elements to allow natural yeasts to infect it), but most local brewers are using other methods to sour their beers.  Classic sour styles like the lambics made in Belgium take a year or more to develop their sour characteristics.  Local brewers …

beer and food pairing tips


Whether you're sitting down for a traditional family dinner, preparing an elaborate appetizer spread, or gathering with friends for an amazing bottle share this holiday season, there are a few basic tips you can use to pair your foods with beer that will compliment and enhance any experience!

Here are some suggestions to help you wow your guests with your pairing prowess!


A mismatch in intensity is one of the quickest ways to detract from your food or your beer, by having one overwhelm the other. The more intense or subtle the flavours of the food, the more intense or subtle the beer needs to be.


In cooking or wine pairing, people often talk about classic flavour or style combinations, and beer pairing is no different.  Try pairing a Pale Ale with Cheddar Cheese, or a German Wheat Ale with Bratwurst. Be creative and …

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gift idea - tix

gift idea #254 for the beer lovers in your life:  event tickets

buy someone you love (and yourself) tickets to a beer event
like pike brewery in seattle's chocfest

Sunday, January 31 from 6PM to 9PM  Benefits Puget Soundkeeper 
Ticket includes 10 drink tickets, commemorative glass, all food, live music and discounted parking at Russell Investment Center garage.   Tickets are $50 in advance. Chocofest is a 21+ event. 
Fall in love with beer, chocolate and savory bites at Pike Chocofest. This culinary evening described as "foreplay before the big day" celebrates Valentine's Day in Seattle and is a romantic food and drink lovers delight. Over 65 of the area's premiere breweries, wineries, distilleries, restaurants, cheese makers, bakers and chocolatiers will fill the Pike Brewing Company and entice you with delicious bites and tastes. Sample rare cask beers, many featuring chocolate, from the Puget Sound's top brewers. Best of all, Pike Chocofest …

gift idea - ceramic steins

gift idea #12 for the beer lovers in your life: ceramic beer steins

i have featured robyn williams of willowcraft on my gift list before
and she keeps adding to her different styles of beer steins

everyone on your list needs at least one of these!

gift idea - beer week tix

gift idea #37 for the beer lovers in your life:  beer week tickets

buy the beer lovers in your life advanced tickets to beer festivals!
both vancouver craft beer week and victoria beer week have advanced tix on sale now

victoria beer week runs march 4-12, 2016
vancouver craft beer week runs june 3-6, 2016 (for the tasting festival, which is the only event with pre-sale tickets)

gift idea - brewery swag

gift idea #11 for the beer lovers in your life:  brewery swag

Give the giftof beer this year! Spinnakers front desk provisions store has just about everything on a beer-lovers wish list. We've taken all your favourites and wrapped them up with festive packaging so you can take them from our counter straight to the tree.

From chocolate truffles to house made vinegar, there's something delicious for everyone. Check out our blog for more fun gift ideas!