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beer gimmicks, pretentious nonsense and hipster fuckery

my growler article from back in january: BEER GIMMICKS, PRETENTIOUS NONSENSE AND OTHER HIPSTER FUCKERY REBECCA WHYMAN •  JANUARY 16, 2018 iStock photo This past fall, gruits – that ancient, hopless beer style flavoured with herbs that seems to be all the rage right now – got me thinking about the elusive line that divides fads, trends, and gimmicks from creative innovations and emerging styles. How do beer geeks decide where they categorize any given beer? Are gimmicky beers harming the reputation of craft beer? I like to think of myself as a beer evangelist (also brilliant, witty, gorgeous and humble…). It is therefore my self-appointed duty to bring people into the fold. I love finding the craft beer that makes a former macro lager drinker’s eyes light up, and introducing a non-beer-drinker to a style they can’t believe is actually beer because it tastes so good. I worry, probably too much, about how people perceive craft beer. Craft beer gets kudos for qualities lik

Bourbon County Stout coming to Vancouver

from the folks at Goose Island: Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout is coming to Vancouver for THE FIRST TIME EVER! This limited bourbon-barrel aged beer is coveted by beer lovers and their annual Black Friday release guarantees line-ups every year across North America. This year, a coveted 80 bottles will be for sale at the Liquor Depot ( 3415 Cambie Street). It’s first come first serve and we wanted you to be the first to know. Below are the details for the limited release.  This is a can’t-miss Black Friday sale and line-ups are expected! Marc Mammoliti, assistant brewer at Goose Island, will be on-site. Looking forward to seeing you there! Limited Bourbon County Original Brand Stout release in Vancouver When:  Black Friday, November 23 Time:  Doors open at 9 am Where:  Liquor Depot – 3415 Cambie Street Price:  Free to attend, bottles available for purchase (must be legal drinking age) Perks:  Coffee and pastries will be served to keep you war

does beer have terroir?

my first article for the growler , back in July 2017: DOES BEER HAVE TERROIR? REBECCA WHYMAN •  JULY 13, 2017 iStock photo The concept of terroir and its influence are enthusiastically debated in the wine world. Very few of the beer geeks I asked cared one whit about terroir, and hadn’t even given it a thought before I asked. After some debate, they decided that although it was an interesting philosophical question, terroir didn’t matter to their beer drinking experience or influence their beer purchases. The casual beer drinker isn’t interested in the minutiae of which malts or hops are chosen for the beer, let alone where they’re grown. They just care that the final product tastes good. So there you have it. The beer world doesn’t care about terroir. Enter Harley Smith and Tracy McLean of Longwood Brewing. They care. They care a lot. But before we get to why they care, and why you might also, allow me to drone on about what “terroir” means. Indulge me please, I read