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beer column

my notes from yesterday's beer column on cbc radio one's on the coast with stephen quinn
wherein he told everyone that i skip and prance around town this time of year (which may or may not be an accurate portrayal)
and we drank fresh-hopped beer, and extolled its virtues:

I tend to think most times of the year are the best times of the year for beer, but there is one time of year that trumps the others – and we’re in that season right now – Fresh hop season!!

Hops are harvested once a year, and must be preserved in order to brew with them all year round.  They’re either frozen whole or ground up into pellets... But at harvest season you can use them fresh, which you will also hear referred as wet or green. When you use the hops wet instead of dry, you have to use them right away.  They are very delicate little flowers and the oils degrade quickly.  They must either be dried right after picking, or immediately thrown into a brew.  We're talking within 24 hours of being picked ki…

hop stout

ooooh, hoppy stout?!?
sounds delicious!

Dark and Bitter - Brace Your ‘Buds for New Belgium Brewing’s Hop Stout
Latest Hop Kitchen release is brawny, bitter and best of both brewing worlds
Ft. Collins, Colo., September 28, 2015 – As the days grow colder and the nights get long, New Belgium Brewing has unleashed one of the burliest beers of their Hop Kitchen series with 100 IBU’s of beautiful black bitterness. Hop Stout entices with a sweet, malty depth before a wicked bite of hops kicks in with the force of an imperial stout grappling with an IPA.

Hop Stout pours a deep, delicious chocolate brown with a creamy head atop. Dark chocolate, roasted coffee and toasted bread notes emerge from the blending of eight different grains and six hop varieties, which accent the richness with a citrusy, woodsy pop. Equinox, Chinook and Willamette are just a few of the hops that arm this unique stout.

“We wanted a wickedly hoppy and deeply malty stout to celebrate the fall season,” said Grady Hull, Assi…

link love

best canadian craft beer destinations

top 50 beer projects

not a link... but you should go to st. augustine's wednesday for the coronado tap takeover!
all california, all night!

new releases

Parallel 49 Brewing Company Celebrates Fall with Fan Favourites and Arrival of New Seasonal Brews
Parallel 49 Brewing Company releases Lost Souls Chocolate Pumpkin Porter, Schadenfreude Pumpkin Oktoberfest and Salty Scot Sea Salted Caramel Scotch Ale in time for fall
Vancouver, B.C. – September 24th, 2015– Parallel 49 Brewing Company is celebrating fall with a full roster of seasonal brews. This season, beer lovers are able to sip on autumn staples like the Salty Scot Sea Salted Caramel Scotch Ale, Schadenfreude Pumpkin Oktoberfest and Lost Souls Chocolate Pumpkin Porter while cozying up with new brews like the Hopnotist Imperial Single Hop IPA and the 187 On An Undercover Hop Imperial IPA.

Parallel 49 Brewing Company’s Schadenfreude Pumpkin Oktoberfest is a traditional Oktoberfest Lager. Unique from other pumpkin ales, this brew is light and refreshing with real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spicing added in throughout the brewing process. For a sweeter alternative, the …

new release

The Hunt for Red October is On at Steamworks Vancouver, B.C. (September 21st, 2015) - With the inevitable arrival of fall, beer drinkers are seeking out increasingly robust brews to keep them warm. You can't do better than Steamworks Heroica Red Ale: A Canadian Brewing Awards gold medal award winning, highly drinkable Red Ale that is back to save the day for its second year.
Launched last year in a 650ml format, Heroica will be available this year in six-packs and in the Steamworks Mash-Up mixer (with Pale Ale & Black Angel IPA) at liquor stores across the province, or on-tap at local pubs and restaurants as well as the Steamworks Brewpub and Steamworks Brewery & Taproom in Burnaby.
Steamworks Red Ale is a heroically sessionable red ale with beautiful citrus and pine notes from the additions of centennial, citra, and simcoe hops. Smooth and velvety in the mouth with toasted malts giving it a medium body with hints of roasted hazelnut, toffee, and caramel malt flavours. About…

beer pairing dinner

Red Truck Brewmaster's DinnerTuesday, September 29
Founded in 2005, Red Truck Beer Co. was built on the values of a simpler time, when a "handshake was a contract and beer was always brewed honestly, by everyday, hardworking people". Winning numerous awards for it's outstanding carefully brewed beers, it's no wonder Red Truck Beer Co. is know as BC's premium craft breweries, as well as hosting our upcoming Brewmaster's Dinner!

Join us and celebrate the art of brewing great craft beer with us on September 29! Check out our menu here - limited tickets available here.

the mongrel


Odd Society Spirits Unleashes The Mongrel  A New Unadulterated B.C. Spirit is Scheduled to Hit Top Shelves this Fall 
Vancouver B.C., September 10, 2015 — Odd Society Spirits is set to launch Mongrel on Thursday, September 17, 2015. TheOdd Society distillery and cocktail lounge will be carrying Mongrel along with select restaurants, bars and private liquor stores across the province.
For a spirit to be declared a ‘whisky,’ it has to spend at least three years aging in a barrel. However, Mongrel can be enjoyed now because it is not officially a whisky. Called white dog, white lightening, or just plain ol’ moonshine during prohibition, Mongrel won’t have that distinctive brown colour that whisky gets from barrel aging. Mongrel is straight off the still and unadulterated. It’s naked, raw and pure. 
At a time when many commercial distillers turned to corn and wheat, early Canadian farmers often produced their own whiskies primarily from rye because it was a hardy grain that grew…

victoria beer week

Victoria Beer Week is producing two special events to celebrate BC Craft Beer Month in October: 
Stein and Dine - Friday, October 2, 7:30pm at the Victoria Public Market  Fresh to Death- Saturday, October 10, 2pm-7pm at the Driftwood/Hoyne parking lot
Please find attached press releases for each event. If you have any questions or would like photos please let me know.
The third annual Victoria Beer Week will return March 5-13, 2016, bigger and better than ever. Expect more information in December.
About BC Craft Beer Month:
In 2011, the BC government officially proclaimed October to be BC Craft Beer Month. Events are being held all around the province throughout the month. For more information, please visit:
Joe Wiebe Co-Founder, Victoria Beer Week

tree cask festival


new release

it's pumpkin beer season
(although i'd much rather keep my pumpkin spice to lattes and pie...)

Cannery Brewing Company Seasonal Release

Cannery has created a new line up of limited release beers; blending the enthusiasm of craft beer with the excitement of passionate artists and photographers. The beer in the bottle will be as unique and impressive as the art on the label. Read more about the brewery. KNUCKLEHEAD PUMPKIN ALE

Nothing says fall better than this gnarly, spiced-up brown ale!

Style: Brown Ale  Alc./Vol: 5.0%

Featuring locally grown, roasted knucklehead pumpkins along with traditional fall spices creating a seasonal ale that's not your average knucklehead's ale!

parallel 49 + merchants + oysters = awesome!

Parallel 49 Brewing Company Teaming Up with Local Partners to Serve Buck-a-Shuck Oysters
Parallel 49 Brewing Company partnering with Merchant’s Oyster Bar and Sawmill Bay Shellfish for month-long Oyster Fest
Vancouver, B.C. – September 22nd, 2015– With West Coast oysters back in season, Parallel 49 Brewing Company is partnering with Merchant’s Oyster Bar and Sawmill Bay Shellfish for a month-long Oyster Fest. From September 22nd to October 22nd, stop by Merchant’s Oyster Bar at 1590 Commercial Drive for $1 oysters and a $3 12 oz. Craft Lager. The first weekend of Oyster Fest will see Steve and Linda Pocock from Sawmill Bay Shellfish shucking oysters with the Merchant’s Oyster Bar staff. Parallel 49 Brewing Company will also be releasing a limited edition Oyster Stout to commemorate the end of Oyster Fest once the month has wrapped.

The province’s recent weather change is making West Coast oysters safe to eat raw again. Sawmill Bay Shellfish, one of the most authent…

bc first

For immediate release                                                                                                               
September 21, 2015

Celebrate #BCFirst with BC Craft Brewers as they kick off BC Craft Beer Month at Central City on Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC – BC Craft Beer Month returns this October and the BC Craft Brewers Guild is launching a month full of craft beer events with a #BCFirst kick-off event at Central City on Beatty on Thursday, October 1st at 6 p.m. The taps will be taken over at Central City on Beatty as BC Craft Brewers showcase the hottest seasonal and specialty craft beers from 24 of BC’s finest.

“#BCFirst is our new brand & hash tag that celebrates and supports local BC Craft brewers. We are excited to launch this new brand at the beginning of our annual BC Craft Beer Month,” says Ken Beattie, Executive Director of the BC Craft Brewers Guild. “BC has some of the best craft beer in the world so we encourage beer fans to support #BCFirst.”


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beer festivals

oooh look!
i made it to the cbc website and facebook page!

B.C. beer festival highlights coming up for fall 2015 On The Coast beer columnist Rebecca Whyman has her picks for the best festivals this yearBy On The Coast, CBC NewsPosted: Sep 15, 2015 5:00 PM PT Last Updated: Sep 15, 2015 5:00 PM PT
Rebecca Whyman also stopped by to taste some Rhubarb Wit from Big Rock Brewery. She described it as "a classic witbier aged with rhubarb to lend a hint of tartness to subtle notes of orange peel and spice. Unfiltered and delicate." (Rebecca Whyman)
Related StoriesB.C beer prices rise, despite liquor law changes, says NDPCraft beer credentials are not always what they appear External LinksWhistler Village Beer FestivalHoppedBC Hop FestHarvestHausCraft Year Craft BeerBC Beer Awards (Note: CBC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external links.)
Fall is coming, and that means fall beers are coming too — and even better, so are…

beer column

here are my notes from yesterday's beer column on cbc radio's on the coast:

As we head into Fall, the crunching you hear won't just be the leaves under your feet - it may well be the liver of a craft beer lover cracking under the pressure of keeping up with all the fabulous craft beer events in September and October!  And this is by no means an exhaustive listing - there are always so many great beer events on the go, it's hard to keep track of them - and don't even try to get to them all - you'd need to be Hermione Granger to succeed.

Start with this past weekend's Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria, and end with the BC Beer Awards on October 24th, filling in events every single weekend in between, and you've got a recipe for a sprained liver.  And a really great two months!

Both Stephen and I had the pleasure of attending the Great Canadian Beer Festival this year.  This festival is always a well-organized two days of beer tasting.  And for me it’s…