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jolly old

well that's it, i'm off to jolly old england for a beercation
plus a couple of days butchering the french i remember from school in paris
see you on the flipside in early july

hopefully there will be titillating stories to share!

new release

Coast to Coastless Collaboration Beer June 25th, 2015: This Canada Day Canadians in every province will have the opportunity to celebrate with a very special beer.  It's  called the Coast to Coastless Imperial ESB, and it's a collaborative effort from four Canadian brewers to celebrate the spread of the craft beer movement from coast to coast--and all of the provinces in between.

Garrison Brewing Co. (NS), Microbrasserie Le Trou du Diable (QC), Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery (ON) and Phillips Brewing Co. (BC) all participated in the 'quad-laboration', coming together to craft a recipe designed to reflect Canada itself.  It is an Extra Special Bitter, a style with roots that trace back to England, but as an amped up imperial version it has a strong spirit that is purely Canadian.  A hefty body, full of biscuity and caramel malts is edged with earthy tea-like hop character. It is robust enough to pay tribute to the size of our country with the creative flair emblematic of t…

beer column

When I first heard about the price hike on 87% of the beers available in this province I, like most people, grumbled about it.  But I said that I didn’t think the price hikes would keep most people from drinking craft beer, and in the short term, I still think that’s the case.  But if the government raises prices, without notice to the brewers or the consumers, what’s to say that they won’t do so again soon?  If prices keep on rising that WILL make a difference in how many people drink craft beer, and how much of it they drink. Craft beer is a booming industry.  It employs people, it brings tourists to our province, and it brings in tax money to the province.  So why does government seem to be trying to destroy the industry? 
I’m no financial wizard, but even I can see that making craft beer unaffordable for the masses will keep them from buying it.  If people aren't buying the product, fewer craft breweries will open, which will result in fewer new jobs.  And um, how is the governm…

cbc on the coast

i'll be on cbc radio one at 5:50 today
talking about all that ails/ales the craft beer industry in british columbia
with the lovely gloria macarenko
while we sip on some delicious braunbier from steel & oak and vancouver island brewery

690 am
88.1 fm

link love

and oldie, but it's about sours, so that makes it a goodie!

iain hill and conrad gmoser talk sours

truer words...
running a beer festival is way more work than you'd ever expect

live long and thank beer

paddy treavor is back!
calling the liberal asshats out on their liquor law asshattery

10 reasons to visit breweries by bike

ipas are giving you man boobs
and making me feel fabulous!
now i just need some sage and henbane...
oh, right, and to actually bother brewing again!

microbrewing big business in edmonton

new release

New Belgium Brewing’s Surprisingly Sessionable Hop Tart
is an Easy Drinking Summer Sour

Latest Hop Kitchen release delivers a tropical twist on the American sour ale
Ft. Collins, Colo., June 19, 2015 New Belgium Brewing is celebrating summer with a sessionable, fruity spin on the typical American sour. Hop Tart is New Belgium’s latest Hop Kitchen offering, blending Belgian Pale Malt from the Colorado Malting Company, with tart lactobacillus and fruity hops. The result is a refreshing, easy drinker, perfect for fun in the sun. The beer is available on draft only in New Belgium markets.

Hop Tart’s lactobacillus offers just the slightest hint of sour that propels bursts of passion fruit, guava and pineapple, courtesy of hefty Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy and Experimental Hop 522 dry-hopping.

“We developed Hop Tart based on our Snapshot brewing process, which is a unique way of souring wort,” said Matty Gilliland (aka Matty Smooth), brewing process analyst at New Belgium Brewing. “It runs in the…

drink for a cause

it's always nice to be able to say your beer habit benefits others!

Drink beer, build a boathouse is the motto of the many dragon boaters preparing to compete in this year's festival Jun 20 and 21 in Vancouver. There's now a beer made just for the paddlers that will not only quench their thirst, but help build them a boathouse! (Remember our fire in the fall - we are fund raising for a new structure.) Craft Beer Events Coordinator Charlotte and Olympian Kamini Jain recently spent the day at Granville Island Brewing to create this New Zealand citrus hopped Kellerbier. -2 small batches were produced -this is the 2nd year a collaboration beer has been produced to support Dragon Boat -Frequently paddlers and staff repair to Craft Beer Market for an after paddling or work pint, so it’s nice to have our own beer to drink -It’s an easy way to show your support for the sport -It’s available exclusively at Craft Beer Market in Olympic Village
-$1 from every pint sold supports our n…

new releases

from cider riot:

Earn Your Merit Badges with Lemmy’s Summer Camp Meyer Lemon Cider from Cider Riot!®
Portland, Oregon-
Following the smash hit seasonal Plastic Paddy, Cider Riot! is releasing Lemmy’s Summer Camp Meyer Lemon Cider, the second in its 2-liter flagon series. Meyer lemon zest gives this dry cider a thirst-quenching tartness.
“It’s like the fun grown up summer camp you’ve never had,” says Cider Riot! founder and cidermaker Abram Goldman-Armstrong. “Try it and you’ll be a happy camper.”
Lemmy’s Summer Camp gives drinkers the opportunity to earn the “merit badge” patches depicted on the label by submitting photos of themselves and their friends enjoying Lemmy’s whilst making the most out of the out of doors to or by sending actual photos (are those still a thing?) to the cidery: Lemmy c/o Cider Riot! 2…

upcoming events

Celebrate MIDSUMMER with Strange Fellows Brewing
Strange Day #6 at Strange Fellows Brewing, June 15th through 21st

As the sun sets on the longest day of the year, all over the world people light bonfires to celebrate the sun's triumph over darkness. In some places people jump over the fire to symbolically ward off the cold of the coming winter. Elsewhere, fishermen gather on the edge of the ocean to pray and make offerings to the Siren of the Seas in exchange for safe passage and a bountiful catch. If the gifts are carried out to sea, she has accepted them and their giver will be blessed with good fortune.

To ensure luck for the coming year,join us for a celebration that is inspired by the sun's brilliance! On Thursday June 18th from 6-9pm, we will be hosting a Midsummer BBQ. We hope you will join us for some delicious food, a glass of dry-hopped cask Talisman, and music courtesy of our festive friends The Carnival Band!

Strange Fellows is a craft brewery inspired by tradition…

beer connoisseur

got a few spare bucks burning a hole in your pocket?
have i got a kickstarter campaign for you!

beer connoisseur magazine is looking to broaden its horizons from being a print and digital magazine into being your one stop shop for all things beer
and they need your help to do it

if they're successful, you'll have access to a beer concierge who can help you plan your next beercation, access to hard-to-get tickets to beer events, and invitations to the beer events

i want a beer concierge!

new release

well, a re-release actually...
and they quote me!

Dead Frog Brewery Re-Releases the Taste of BC: Big Stump Spruce Golden Ale

Aldergrove, BC
— Dead Frog Brewery is pleased to announce the re-release of its Big Stump Spruce Golden Ale. Inspired by forays into the old growth forests of British Columbia, this 6.5% golden ale incorporates Sitka spruce tips harvested a mere 10 minutes away from our brewery.

Jan Zeschky of The Province mused, "It’d be pretty special if this beer style one day became an appellation and tourists came to the province to try spruce ale like wine purists flock to Burgundy."

Considering the first beer made in BC was a spruce ale brewed by Captain Cook in Nootka Sound, we agree.

Big Stump's rich sweetness from Cara and Maris Otter malts balances the bitterness of Simcoe and Northern Brewer hops whose pine notes are heightened by the spring growth of tender spruce tips for a truly unique pint.

"I wanted to bring out a bit more of the fresh spruce c…

link love

upcoming events

Toronto's Basilio Pesce at Campagnolo Chefs Robert Belcham and Basilio Pesce Unite for Fratello on June 25
Vancouver B.C., June 9, 2015—Two highly acclaimed Italian restaurants from opposite sides of the country unite for one night only in Vancouver. On Thursday, June 25, Chef Robert Belcham will share his Campagnolo kitchen with Chef Basilio Pesce of Toronto's Porzia to present Fratello (meaning brother in Italian). Pesce and Belcham both believe strongly in community—this special evening will celebrate the bond amongst chefs, the relationship nurtured between restaurant and supplier, and a supportive community of diners.
Pesce, famous for his handmade pasta and seasonal menus, will join Belcham to prepare an alla famiglia-style feast for 60 discerning guests. Diners will be treated to a cocktail reception followed by a seated five-course dinner served at communal tables. Belcham and Pesce have designed their menu to spotlight the freshest locally grown ingredients. Tickets are …

upcoming events

gonna be in portland?
go to cider week!

Celebrate Oregon Cider Week with Cider Riot!

Cider Summit Portland
Friday June 19, 2-8pm
Saturday, June 20, 12-6pm
The Fields Park NW 9th and Overton

Cider Riot! and 50 other cidermakers from around the world will pour their wares at this two day festival. Cider Riot unveils a limited release Cherry Brettanomyces cider aged on Bogmyrtle, in addition to our standard and seasonal offerings.

Cider Riot! Dinner at Bushwhacker Cider Woodlawn
Tuesday, June 23rd Bushwhacker Woodlawn. 6.30pm. $50/ticket
Tickets available at Bushwhacker Cider- limited to 25 seats.

Join Cider Riot! at Bushwhacker Woodlawn for their first Cider Dinner

Amuse Bouche - Kingston Black cider vinegar with Olive Oil and Baguette paired with Cider Riot! Burncider Dry Draught Cider
Course the First - Salmon Tartare with Grilled Honey vegetables paired with Cider Riot! Lavender Cider
Course the Second - Grilled Romaine Caesar Salad paired with Cider Riot! Lemmy's Summer Camp

beer column

my notes from yesterday's beer column on cbc radio one's on the coast:

Everyone is abuzz with the news that the price of craft beer has gone up in British Columbia.  
I’m definitely not in favour of increasing beer prices, but I also can’t say that I’m surprised by the increase.  Beer advocates have been saying since the announcement of “leveling the playing field” that the policy was going to result in an increase in beer prices.  And here we are, a mere two months after the change and prices on 90% of the beers at the government liquor stores have increased, some by 10%.  But just because it is expected doesn't mean that craft beer drinkers aren't very annoyed by the price increase.  Especially when the increase is not even across the board.  Craft beer has definitely seen a higher price increase than macro beers.
Molson Canadian, Labatt’s Blue and Kokanee beers haven't seen a price increase.  I think the people who are looking for a bargain beer will continue to bu…


i'll be on with kirk williams at 5:50 p.m. today
on cbc radio one's on the coast talking about beer!

and here's what i had to say two weeks ago about summer beers:

5 summer craft beer recommendations from our beer columnist Here's another summer crop ready to harvest a little bit earlyBy On the Coast, CBC NewsPosted: May 29, 2015 6:57 PM PT Last Updated: May 29, 2015 6:58 PM PT Summer is the traditional season of Hefeweizen wheat beers, fruit ales and crisp lagers, like Moon Under Water Brewery's session lager Light Side of the Moon. (Moon Under Water Brewery) Facebook Twitter