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friday frivolity!

see some of you at the central city summer cask festival tomorrow!
to everyone, happy long weekend!


new beer offerings at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Brooklyn Brewery - Silver Anniversary Lager - $18.90
Happy Anniversary, Brooklyn, 25 years of excellent brewing and many more to come! Brewed to the strength of a dopplebock, this lager uses four different malts in addition to Cascade, Willamette, and Hallertauer Mittelfrueh and Saphir hops. Pouring dark amber in colour with notes of citrus, toasted malt and butterscotch on the nose, aromas that carry through on the palate before fading into a spicy hop finish, this brew is an excellent way to celebrate 25 years.

Tree Brewing - Hop Head Black IPA - $7.85

Nestled in the BC interior, Tree Brewing consistently churns out some spectacular seasonal beers, their Hop Head continuing the trend. Five hops and six malts can be found in this dark brown, nearly black beer. Biscuits, citrus (think grapefruit) and a little pine are all found in the aroma while smoke and chocolate lead the pack on the palate followed closely by citrus and pine. A d…

beer column

my notes from yesterday's beer column on cbc radio one's on the coast with stephen quinn
summer beers:

The weather may not bear witness to the fact, but it is summer. That means a whole new season of beers is upon us.  In general terms, summer is the season of the lager. There are many fabulous summer ales available, but summer is the season in which lagers shine. Much maligned in recent history as flavour-less yellow fizzy beer, there are some wonderful craft brewed lagers available to quench your summer thirst. Cold is not a flavour so I would suggest avoiding a beer that advertises that it is. Instead I'd head for a beer that says it is crisp and refreshing and full of flavour. Also synonymous with summer are wheat ales and fruit beers. Lower alcohol percentages are also often found in a summer beer. When its hot out it is less enjoyable to quaff a 9% ale. A nice light low-alcohol lager just hits the spot so much more.
A reminder about the difference between an …

on the coast

i will be on cbc radio one's on the coast with stephen quinn at 5:50 today
talking about summer beers!
tune in!
88.1 fm
690 am

then i'll be hitting the railway as per usual
for a pint of cask
this week its central city ipa with dry-hopped with amarillo

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its time to vote for your favourite beers and beer places
the georgia straight's best of 2013 is upon us

your office needs a bar
my office has one, and i love it

wish you could sample beer at farmers' markets
or get a growler of local beer alongside your local fruits and veggies?
sign a letter and camra will send it to parliament for you
paddy of the vaneastbeerblog explains

and an awesome recipe from
mac n cheese grilled cheese sammies!


new beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Breakside Brewery - India Pale Ale - $7.85
You’ve all been asking for it, and it’s finally happened! Breakside beers have finally landed in our cooler. This Portland brew pours a beautiful transparent orange with a pile of citrus and citrus hops on the nose. More citrus in the form of grapefruit and orange accompanied with a bit of pine on a malt background represent the palate, while a medium body and dry finish close out this tasty Oregon treat.

Evan Doan | Beer Team | Legacy Liquor Store

Pyramid Brewing - Hefeweizen - $6.65

It’s time for some Hefeweizen, and these west coast gentlemen have produced a fine rendition of this cloudy and delicious beverage. A hazy pale lemon with wheat, grass, slight orange essence and floral hops can all be found on the nose, aromas that carry through on the palate with a touch of lemon tartness on the finish. Crisp and refreshing, it’s a fabulous Hefe for any thirsty individual.

Mike Dolan | Beer Team | Legacy…

on the coast

in case you missed me last week on cbc radio's on the coast
you can still catch it here
click on june 11th
i'm on at the 2:19:30 mark
right after the "cows around" song!

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beer tasting workout - train to be a better beer taster
(do they mean train to find better beer to taste, or train to be more adept at distinguishing beer flavours?)

is the craft beer boom going to go bust?
the national post seems to think so
although they do get a few beer facts wrong
like the bitterest brews in vancouver being from 35 to 70 ibus...
and "craft beer's bold flavours appeal to the pallets of the few" is both simplistic and mis-spelled
p'shaw!  but i love that vancouver's craft beer gets exposure in the national post

jan zeschky on howe sound brewing's continued success
and awards at the north american brewing awards

vancouver craft beer week was good for the economy
not surprising, but nice to see some stats released in advance of the public getting a say in tasting room rules

why intelligent people drink more alcohol

legacy liquor store

new beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Unibroue - Éphémère Cherry - $7.30

We’ve all had a number of offerings from the Quebec-based Unibroue, but Cherry Éphémère is certainly perfect for the season at hand. Peach in colour with a lovely pink head paired with wheat and cherries in the aroma followed by more of the same on the palate, this is a well-balanced and superior summer brew.

Tasted by Evan Doan Beer Team at Legacy Liquor Store

8 Wired Brewing - Rewired Brown Ale - $10.55

It’s a brown ale revolution! Hailing from New Zealand, Rewired aims to pull brown ale back from the precipice, pouring the same colour as a dark red brick with a nose of citrus hops, caramel, malt and chestnuts. All these flavours play their own roles on the palate, too, in combination with a medium body and delicious finish, to make for a truly exciting brown ale.

Tasted by Chris Bonnallie Beer Supervisor at Legacy Liquor Store

Whistler Brewing Company - Chai-Maple Ale - $7.25

A mild ale with springtime sp…

beer column

my notes from last evening's on the coast with matthew sitting in for stephen: There are so many places to drink beer in Vancouver and surrounding area. And more breweries and tasting rooms expected to open up this year. What sets them apart from each other?  There are breweries that just brew beer for bottling and supplying to restaurants and bars, there are breweries that are combining bottling, kegging and tasting rooms, there are nanobreweries, microbreweries, macrobreweries, there are older breweries and newer breweries and there are brewpubs, just to start the list.
Let's start on Main Street.  R&B Brewing is one of Vancouver's oldest breweries, opening their doors in 1997 at their current location at 54 East 4th Avenue at Quebec Street, just West of Main Street, in the old Brewery Creek district of East Vancouver. Rick and Barry, the R and the B in R&B used to brew for the big boys back in the day and left to pursue brewing better beer on their own. And th…

vcbw - so far

well, i'm alive
and still making it to work every day
so vancouver craft beer week has not yet totally kicked my ass or any of my major organs!

opening night on friday was a really great event
they used the roundhouse to its utmost
new breweries were on one side, with the lone cider stall
lots of space in the middle for stage and oyster bar and mingling
then all the old stand-bys on the other side
it was packed, but not so full that it took too long to get a beer or from one side to the other
and there were oysters!
i made it to the yaletown for a pint after the event...
which may or may not have been a good idea!

saturday i attended the four winds open house out in the boonies
no really, its out somewhere that required bridges and tunnels to get to
but the beer was good,
we were greeted with a casked fir tip ipa sample,
growlers and bostons were already filled so no need to wait for yours,
the brewery was open for a tour or just wandering around and checking out all the shiny new…

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cannery's press release about the pink mountainhops

the science of perfect food and beer pairings

portland craft's chef gets a write-up in the straight, and gives you the beer to pair with his steelhead trout recipe