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link love

just a wee one for you today as i loaf around
luxuriating in time off from work

drinking a little at work is good?
alcohol - making people seem smarter since civilization began

and don't forget to do answer the brewed awakening's poll!

can one new brunswickian save us all from the liquor control act?

new releases

Mt. Begbie Brewing Company Limited Release Mt. Begbie Brewery is located in beautiful Revelstoke, a small town with a rich history, in the heart of British Columbia's spectacular Columbia mountain range.

The company is named after Mt. Begbie, a majestic glacial mountain that dominates the Revelstoke skyline.

In turn, the mountain is named after Matthew "Hanging Judge" Begbie, a colourful character from Revelstoke's early history, who probably would have benefitted from a sip of Mt. Begbie's soothing ales before rendering his judgements. Read more about the brewery. COLD SMOKE - SMOKED PORTER
Hop into this beachwood smoked, rich malty Porter  - the only friend you need on a powder day!


fa la la la la

for those of you who christmas,
i think deschutes has said it best:

The crew here at Deschutes Brewery just wanted to thank YOU for being a fan and wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!

Deck the halls with tasty craft beer,
fa la la la la, la la la la,
Tis the season to raise your glass & cheer,
fa la la la la, la la la la,

Don we now our beer swag apparel,
fa la la la la, la la la la,
Enjoy a beer & sing some carols,
fa la la la la, la la la la!

Merry Christmas & a Hoppy New Year!

and this beer nog recipe from anderson valley:
3/4 bourbon barrel stout
1/4 egg nog

beer column

here are my notes from yesterday's beer column on cbc radio's on the coast:

As the year draws to a close, let's recap the beer happenings in 2014.

2014 has been quite the year for craft beer!So far 20 new breweries have opened up across the province.

I’d like to welcome the newest Vancouver craft brewery:Strangefellows!Strangefellows is now open on Clark Drive in East Vancouver.They are still jumping through hoops to get their lounge endorsement, so currently they’re just serving up growler fills.Iain Hill, formerly of Yaletown BrewPub, is the brewmaster and he is well-known in the craft beer world for his incredible sour beers.Strangefellows will have a barrel program, so look for sour beers from them in 2015.Currently they have a deliciously hoppy pale ale on tap that is a mere 3.8%, a wit, a lager and a brown ale.

Also freshly opened are Category 12 Brewing in Central Saanich and Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse in Terrace.

Cumberland Brewing (ComoxValley), Gladstone Brewing in …

on the coast

i'll be on cbc with matthew lazin-ryder at 5:50 this evening
talking about what a banner year 2014 has been for craft beer
88.1 fm
690 am

link love

friday frivolity


new releases


Odd Society Spirits Deliver 
Both the Sweet and the Bitter
Odd Society Spirits Set to Release Bittersweet Vermouth 
Vancouver B.C., December 16, 2014— With a grain-to-glass philosophy and a craft distillery designation, all spirits served at the Odd Society Spirits Cocktail Lounge are legally required to be created onsite. In order to expand their portfolio of spirits and liqueurs while elevating their already strong cocktail program, Odd Society Spirits obtained a winery license and has developed their own vermouth. Odd Society Spirits Bittersweet Vermouth will be available to purchase  for $22 in 375ml bottles at the distillery starting Thursday, December 18, 2014. Select British Columbia restaurants, bars and private liquor stores (prices may vary) will also be carrying this essential classic cocktail ingredient. 
A bittersweet fortified wine, Odd Society's vermouth is developed from a classic Italian recipe, made with local Viognier grapes and sweetened with carameli…


stanley park's windstorm cans are on sale this month for $1.99
(the anniversary of the 2006 storm was december 15th)
partial profits go to the stanley park ecology society, so you're drinking for charity!

"Overall we have already raised tens of thousands for the maintenance of the park and will continue to come up with campaigns to support it in the future."  

For Immediate Release Introducing Windstorm - An Unexpected Pale Ale
Limited Release West Coast Pale Ale to Benefit Stanley Park Ecology Society  Vancouver, BC – Fall has arrived. Add a scarf, wax your ‘stache, and grab an umbrella for good measure; it is the West Coast after all. You hit the streets ready to feel the gusts of crisp autumn air and the crunch of leaves at your feet. Little did you know, you’d be blown away by the #unexpected. #Windstorm is here. We were in for more than just a few gusts one fateful day in late December 2006, when …

new releases

from r&b brewing:

R &B Brewing NEW RELEASES Updates R&B & the BC-SPCA = SPCale R&B Brewing and the BC-SPCA have joined forces this winter in a fun way to raise funds in protecting domestic, farm and wild animals in need.

SPCALE is a limited edition brew that will be released in mid December. This rauchweissen ale is an unfiltered,delicately smoked wheat beer with a 4.2% abv and 12 IBU's.

A portion of the proceeds of this 650 ml bottled beer will be donated to the BC-SPCA. Many thanks to Hops Connect, Richards Packaging and United Labels for their contribution to this great cause.

The SPCALE will be arriving on the shelves of your favourite private retail liquor stores  throughout the Vancouver area just in time for the holiday season. It will also be available for a limited time in the new year  at our upgraded R&B growler station.

from stanley…

link love

best beer cities by
bellingham makes #8 on the list
(san diego, denver and bend are the top three)

those rascally liberals were warned that their happy hour pricing would result in an increase
and bill tieleman warns it will be the same thing with "level playing field" pricing to liquor sellers

the secret world of beer muling
12 bucket-list breweries

is this new home-brew system a good idea
or a disservice to home brewers?

hop vodka from anchor distilling

best and worst christmas ales according to paste magazine
(american and belgian)

craft beer in kamloops

and i'm throwing this one in there to see if anyone's paying attention
the feminist killjoy holiday gift guide
nothing beer related on the list, but day-um, it's a good list!

customer service

where, oh where, has good customer service gone?
especially at places i keep trying to drink beer?
you'd think that with all the competition out there, high odds of failure and the sort, that there would be a push to go back to the good old days of satisfying customers

i have had a couple of highly unsatisfying moments that i just can't keep quiet about
i hate giving bad reviews
i usually go out of my way to avoid doing so
but who am i really helping by doing that?
not me, not you and ultimately not the establishment either
because these are not laments about individual servers
some of whom are excellent and others of whom really need to up their game, but that is a very different rant from this one
no, this one is about management

so, the last bit of preamble before i finally jump into it:
i worked in retail back in highschool
but i have never waited tables or slung beer for a living
maybe i don't know what it's like on the other side of the equation
but i do know how…