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from sixpoint brewery:

Sixpoint Brewery

We can all admit it — a Season Creep lurks among us. He calls, quietly at first, for his seasonals a bit earlier. A saison in January, summer wheat in April… it seems harmless at first brush. Blink twice and you’re standing on your buddy’s front porch, holding the pumpkin beer you just brought to his Fourth of July party.

Enter Global Warmer, an original Mad Scientists creation formulated in a garage laboratory. It has brazen, incandescent hop character, and enough rich red malt to warm you through any time of year. It doesn’t even matter how mixed up the seasons get — wear a scarf with short-shorts if you want, we don’t mind! — this is authentic beer crafted to highlight beer’s natural elements.

Global Warmer is part of Sixpoint Cycliquids, a beer series that lets us make the beer we want, when we want it. It’s hoppy, malty, and now in six-packs. Savor one and watch the Season Creep slink away.

Photo credit Greg Montijo (@craft206)

But what does early 2015 hold for Sixpoint? The triumphant return of some hop gold, a BEAST ready to rear his head, and loads of new formulations beyond that. With the Mad Scientists and the Cycliquids series, you never know what comes next...


from greenflash:

At Green Flash Brewing Co. we invite you to Taste Enlightenment.

Symposium national release

Wrapping up the 2014 Hop Odyssey series is the December release of Symposium IPA. This extravagantly hopped beer was first brewed in 2008 with input from several Breweries in San Diego, and is a true representation of the spirit of the craft beer community in America’s Craft Beer Capital. With a layering of Simcoe, Tomahawk, Amarillo, Cascade, and Centennial hops, this beer has a delightful flavor profile any hop head will love. Find it on draft and in 22 oz bottles today before this limited release is retired for the season!


Stay Flashy! The Green Flash Holiday Survival Guide 

Does the phrase “Happy Holidays” stress you out? Don’t worry! We’re here to make the season bright with our Stay Flashy Holiday Survival Guide. Throughout the season we will have smart survival tips and fun suggestions for you to navigate this hectic time of year without an un-festive holiday meltdown. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so you don’t miss out on how to survive the season in style. We want you to Stay Flashy this season!

from phillips fermentorium:

Introducing 4 new hand crafted tonics from the Phillips Fermentorium!

Tonic 4 Packs

4 different hand-crafted tonics in 1 box!

December 10th 2014 - We are very excited to announce the release of four brand new hand-crafted tonics! The second product to emerge from the Phillips Fermentorium, these tonics are made without any artificial flavours or liquid sugars.  Instead, real ingredients and time-honoured extraction techniques endow the tonics with full, natural flavours, and balance tart with the subtle sweetness of raw cane sugar.

he mixed pack contains 4 different tonics, designed to celebrate different nuances in your pairings or cocktails. From classic tart, to floral, citrus, and sweet, there is a tonic to match whatever recipe you have up your sleeve.

Tonic 4 packs are available from private, craft focused retailers in BC and of course Phillips Brewing Co.  To get the rundown on each of the tonics included in the box please see below!
Artisanal Dry:
It’s a classic style tonic with a twist.  Orange peel, white grape juice, lime peel and quinine are lively carbonated balancing bright tartness with a hint of sweet.  The Artisanal Dry Tonic was crafted to highlight complexity of STUMP Coastal Forest Gin* , but will breathe life into whichever premium spirit companion you pair it with.

*STUMP Gin is available in select cocktail bars now, but stay tuned to January for broader release details...
Cucumber Mint:
During the crafting of this tonic, natural flavours are extracted by patiently steeping real cucumbers and mint in cold water.  Twist the cap, and cucumber aromatics dance from the bottle, leading to fresh cucumber flavours with a hint of mint, all wrapped in a body of soft sweetness that finishes slightly tart.   
Philosopher's Brew:
Philosopher’s Brew Tonic offers a sophisticated depth of flavor that’s refreshingly approachable.   Herbal flavours of lavender and rosehip blend with the citrus of lemongrass and orange peel.  Slightly sweetened with raw cane sugar.    
Botanical Brew:
Pouring a delicate soft pink colour, the Botanical Brew Tonic is refreshingly floral and strikingly effervescent.  Rose petals, hibiscus flowers, heather flowers, damiana  and lavender are complimented by a subtle sweetness through the body that finishes dry.  Charge up your next cocktail with a little flower power.
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