stanley park's windstorm cans are on sale this month for $1.99
(the anniversary of the 2006 storm was december 15th)
partial profits go to the stanley park ecology society, so you're drinking for charity!

"Overall we have already raised tens of thousands for the maintenance of the park and will continue to come up with campaigns to support it in the future."  

For Immediate Release
Introducing Windstorm - An Unexpected Pale Ale
Limited Release West Coast Pale Ale to Benefit Stanley Park Ecology Society 
Vancouver, BC – Fall has arrived. Add a scarf, wax your ‘stache, and grab an umbrella for good measure; it is the West Coast after all. You hit the streets ready to feel the gusts of crisp autumn air and the crunch of leaves at your feet. Little did you know, you’d be blown away by the #unexpected. #Windstorm is here.
We were in for more than just a few gusts one fateful day in late December 2006, when a fierce 120km/hr windstorm tore a path through Stanley Park, levelling over 10,000 trees across 40 hectares of forest and causing extensive damage to the seawall. In the wake of the storm volunteers of all ages came out to plant seedlings, while businesses and government rallied to support restoration efforts. A community stood united, together rebuilding and ensuring the legacy of a stronger, more resilient forest for future generations to enjoy.
To commemorate this #unexpected moment, Stanley Park Brewing is shaking up their fall portfolio with the introduction of Windstorm West Coast Pale Ale. Their first new beer since summer 2013, is also their first release from new Brewmaster Todd Fowler.“The storm was our inspiration to do something unexpected. Featuring the uniquely aromatic mosaic hop as our signature ingredient, our West Coast Pale Ale delivers the perfect storm of tropical fruit and earthy pine hop character and a rewarding bitterness that finishes clean,” says Fowler. Stir things up by pairing this pale ale with a spicy Thai curry dish or flavourful citrus salad for something #unexpected. Windstorm blows in at 5.7% ABV and 35 IBUs.
As a part of our commitment to the enduring legacy of the World’s Best Park, 25cents from every can and pint of Windstorm sold will benefit the Stanley Park Ecology Society. “This initiative is emblematic of our strong partnership with the Ecology Society and shared commitment to nature in the city,“ says Jim Lister, General Manager of Stanley Park Brewing. 
“Windstorms are a natural and important force in the renewal of biodiversity in our forests. Although the 2006 storm hit particularly hard, it blew in many great benefits including a community united for restoration efforts. Today, we continue our habitat enhancement work through the generous financial and volunteer commitments of partners like Stanley Park Brewery,” explains Patricia Thomson, Executive Director of the Stanley Park Ecology Society. “We are very proud to have such kindred collaboration from the Stanley Park Brewery team. We toast the positive contributions of Windstorm!”
Windstorm West Coast Pale Ale is available on draft and 500ml cans for a limited time throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Check out the Stanley Park Interactive Map to find Stanley Park Brewery beers close to you. For more information, or follow us on, Twitter @stanleyparkbrew, and Instagram@stanleyparkbrew.


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