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adventures in middle-aged internet dating

I'm single.  I have been for several years. I was really enjoying my single state during those years.  I did what I wanted, when I wanted.  It was pretty glorious. I've started thinking though, that I would like some companionship too. Now that I have popped by head up and looked around, I realize I have no idea how one goes about meeting people. I have friends.  But there's not a pool of potential dates within that friend group.  Or anyone with a secret stash of available friends of friends they have somehow kept from me until now. How did I used to get dates? I would start playing a new sport.  Or go to the bar. I'm middle-aged now.  There is no bar. I don't think. Is there one? God, if there is, someone tell me where it is! I understood the etiquette of meeting people at bars. I do not understand this whole internet dating and hooking up thing. I wish there was a book - How to Internet Date for Middle-Aged Dummies There is this cheatsheet , but g

new direction

So, like, I haven't been writing much about beer lately. Yeah, I still write an article here and there (note to self, get on writing that article that's due soon) but I haven't been as inspired as I once was to blather on about beer ad nauseum. I still love beer.  I still go to beer events and get excited about the latest buzz.  I'm just not interested in dissecting each experience. Part of that is due to Instagram - that stupid app changed my life!  It's so much easier to just take a photo and share it there.  Now you all know what I drank.  No need to write about it. Part of it is due to other things taking up my focus.  Like being middle aged.  I had no idea how much mental energy that was going to take! My last article for the Growler nicely married beer and being middle aged. And got me to thinking that maybe that is something I'd like to do more of.  Talk about being middle aged through different lenses.  Craft beer and tasting rooms, where to find e

fruit beer festival in abbotsford

VANCOUVER, B.C.  – A new craft beer festival launches this summer in Abbotsford at the Railway District Community Market, with beers made exclusively with bush fruits and tree fruits. “The festival is much like our Hopwired Festival, where we pair craft breweries and coffee roasters, Fruit Beer Festival’s taking on pairing breweries and fruit growers to make juicy beers without artificial flavours and syrups.” says Mike Willis, of West Craft. “We’re regular attendees of both Abbotsford’s Farm Market and Vancouver’s Riley Park Farm Market and we imagined a beer festival inside of a farmers market – due to liquor laws a beer festival has to be 19+ - so we turn to putting on Fruit Beer Festival to help support local fruit producers while doing something delicious that hasn’t been done in Canada”. West Craft, the organizer behind Fruit Beer Festival, is promising an all-inclusive drink commitment with tickets, live music by Dan Tait and Tiger Moon, a ton of food vendors with a pop-up farm

pints, pinnipeds and rescue stories

the vANCOUVER aquarium® presents pints, pinnipeds and rescue stories – a special edition After Hours Vancouver, B.C. – Raise a glass of suds in celebration of charismatic harbour seals, sea lions and fur seals – collectively known as pinnipeds – at a special edition After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium®, an Ocean Wise® initiative. On Saturday, May 4, learn about these fascinating animals and their incredible rescue and rehabilitation stories through never-seen-before programs, all with a drink in hand. Not only can guests explore the Aquarium’s galleries after dark – a truly magical place – they can also take in special programs, tailored for an adult audience. In a first for After Hours, head veterinarian Dr. Martin Haulena will share stories from the field as he recounts his experiences rescuing and rehabilitating seals suffering from gunshot wounds, disentangling sea lions from marine debris, and more. Through unique programs, guests can also learn about the rescue stories

changing face of craft beer

here are my latest ramblings in The Growler FEATURES THE NEW FACE OF CRAFT BEER IS HERE REBECCA WHYMAN •  MARCH 8, 2019 Tara Rafiq illustration You know that phenomenon when something, seemingly out of nowhere, tickles your brain, then takes up residence, and has you ruminating for months? That’s what happened to me at Bart Watson’s key-note speech at the B.C. Brewers’ Conference back in October. The chief economist for the American Brewers Association gave an engaging talk about the state of craft brewing, chock-full of brain tickling stats and his interpretations of what they mean now and for the future. Including this innocuous little slide: Nothing controversial here, folks. Just that some craft beer drinkers are drinking more craft beer, and say they are doing so because they visit breweries. Isn’t that nice? The industry must love when the already-converted are drinking even more craft. And all breweries had to do was offer appreciators a way to visit them at t