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on the coast

if you missed me on cbc radio's on the coast last week
never fear!  you can still catch my talk with matthew lazin-ryder about camra's fuss campaign and how much i love radlers
follow the link to on the coast past episodes
click on july 22 and fast-forward to about 10 minutes before the end

and hopefully you'll be able to tune in next tuesday (august 5) at 5:50 p.m. for my next beer column

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beer geek life lessons
"Beer is an affordable luxury, and the dividends it pays in flavor and camaraderie are worth the (ever-expanding) expenditures. "

joe wiebe on canadian food bloggers
reviewing fat tug and full nelson ipas

camra president reports that the gov't is slowly realizing it needs to rework the new "unhappy hour" minimum pricing - pitchers can now be priced at $0.20 per ounce

and paddy treavor's take on the new pitcher pricing
"They cannot really believe we are that stupid to believe this small, token change fixes the EPIC FAIL that is our new minimum drink price standards."
i don't think he's impressed

i have my ticket to the inaugural vancouver craft brew cruise (8:00 p.m. session)
do you?  tix still available for te 11:00 a.m. cruise

happy birthday

happy birthday to my mommy!

here she is enjoying a pint of mill street organic lager
she has to use two hands these days
but i love that she can still down a pint with lunch!

tap take over

i think the elysian brewing tap take over at st. augustine's on monday was the largest i have been to
25 taps of elysian were available (out of the 60 taps at st. a's)
so big in fact that st. a's kept running out of taster glasses because everyone was ordering paddles in a vain attempt to try all of the offerings
the place was packed and kudos must go to the servers who were run off their feet trying to get us all our beers

i made it through eight tasters
(and a lobster sandwich) before i tapped out

first paddle contained:
woo-tang kettle sour
mortis persimmon sour ale
barrel aged savant ipa
zombo experimental ipa

second paddle contained:
barrel aged loser pale ale
cowabunga ipa
bombo experimental pale ale
huy five pale ale

as usual, i didn't take very good notes
but here they are regardless
and please note that i really quite liked all eight of my beer choices, despite how my notes may sound:

woo-tang kettle sour:  yup, that's a sour.  tasty, but just not the sour…

beer column

here are my notes from yesterday's beer column on cbc radio one's on the coast
wherein i explained to matthew lazin-ryder what all the fuss is about:

You may have heard about the tempest in a pint glass that has hit Vancouver. Wondering what all the FUSS is about??? Who cares about accurate measuring of beer? Frankly, YOU should.  And here's why:
CAMRA Vancouver's President and Treasurer recently (July 5, 2014) went to some licensed establishments in town and measured how much beer was being poured, and found out that very few places were actually serving as much beer as their menus stated. And they reported their findings via social media.  Why did CAMRA do this?
CAMRA is a beer advocacy group - the Campaign for Real Ale - part of whose mandate it is to "encourage the responsible enjoyment of beer and actively support laws and regulations that contribute to that objective".   To that end, CAMRA's Vancouver Chapter has had a campaign called FUSS, Fess up to S…

on the coast

i will be on cbc radio one's on the coast with matthew lazin-ryder at 5:50 this afternoon
talking about camra's fuss campaign and why it should matter to all beer consuming folks in british columbia
and extolling the virtues of radlers

690 am
88.1 fm
in vancouver

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for the love of radlers
including a make it yourself radler recipe

ninkasi brewing has a space program
yes, you read that correctly
a space program
and they recently launched a rocket full of yeast into the outersphere

stateside on the drive is fuss approved!

but half of the bars surveyed by the vancouver sun are not
(you'll note that the craft beer serving establishments were the ones closest to serving a full 20oz pint... quality and quantity - yay!)

light beer is on its way out according to washington post

yummy dung smoked beer is coming to the u s of a

legacy liquor store

newly stocked beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Founded by Alex Ganum, the owner and head brewer at Upright. Alex grew up drinking his father’s German pilsners and his older brother’s Bells Porter before moving to Portland in 2002 where he decided to give brewing a go. He never looked back, and seven years later opened Upright Brewing, specializing in farmhouse-inspired beers rooted in France and Belgium but made with local ingredients and a Pacific Northwest twist. The name “Upright” is in reference to the primary instrument of Charles Mingus, a musician whose compositions defy categorization. At Upright the recipes and processes are decidedly unbound, making for a true hybrid style that shares Mingus’ spirit of creativity and craft. Each beer combines the best of French style beers with the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer, making for some truly wonderful brews.

Upright Brewing Co. Seven - $12.55
French-inspired ales with a West Coast twist to give them an identity all…

happy hour

the ndp's response to my letter of complaint to the liberals with respect to their happy hour legislation:

Hello Rebecca,
Thank you for copying me on your email to the Premier et al.

Small pubs, bars and restaurants are being hurt by the latest happy hour initiative from Premier Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals, making many small business owners wonder: is the government completely inept on the liquor file?

By adopting the highest minimum liquor prices of any province in Canada, the Liberals have created a situation where many pubs, bars and restaurants are finding it necessary to raise their regular prices to meet the new minimums, let alone think about actually implementing a happy hour.

The minimum $5 price point for a 20 ounce pint of beer will work for a downtown Vancouver bar with a regular price in the $8 range. They can lower their prices to create a special. But for many establishments outside of the Lower Mainland, or more moderately priced neighbourhood facilities that…

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more on british columbia's unhappy hour:

how did the liberals screw up happy hour?

are the liberals dumb or devious?

more on camra's fuss campaign:

more head is a good thing
or, who to contact if you actually want action taken on being short-poured
who had ever heard of measurement canada before??

what the hop shortage might mean to you:

globe and mail

seattle times

the drinks business

general good beer fun:

beer yoga?

could the big breweries be good for something?

beer column

here are my notes from yesterday's beer column on cbc radio's on the coast:
There is no absolute definition of craft beer, but most of the industry and consumers agree that craft beer is brewed with quality ingredients, by a brewery owned by people rather than other companies and that produces a smaller amount of beer annually.The Brewers Associationdefines American craft brewers as "small, independentand traditional": "small" is defined as an "annual production of 6 million barrels of beer or less"; "independent" is defined as at least 75% owned or controlled by a craft brewer; and "traditional" is defined as brewing in which at least 50% of the beer's volume consists of "traditional or innovative" ingredients. Most people agree that craft beer is artisanal vs. mass-produced. Crafty beer is the name beer advocates have been giving to beers that are pretending to be craft beers.These are beer brands owned and brew…

on the coast

i will be on cbc radio one's on the coast
with stephen quinn's replacement, michelle eliot
talking about craft vs crafty beer
at 5:50 p.m. today
690 am
88.1 fm

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more on the unhappy hour in british columbia from paddy treavor

commercial real estate's beer factor

dogfish head makes it even more worth the drive to the brewery by building an inn

not that i am suggesting you try any of these recipes... but...
just in case you have some cheap booze you need to disguise as a real drink, i'm here for you

camra bc press release:

New Happy Hour Laws Not So Pleasant, Local Advocacy Group Finds
CAMRA BC Sends Letter to Policy Makers Following Happy Hour Announcement
(Vancouver—July 2) In the wake of a policy directive released by the provincial government on June 20th that revealed happy hour would finally be coming to restaurants and bars across British Columbia, beer lovers are now finding themselves a little more than shortchanged. Despite the growing popularity of craft beer in British Columbia, many consumers were shocked to discover that a pint of beer will now be available for no less than $5.00—before tax and tip, that is. The Campaign for Rea…


beers that i drank when i was in toronto for world pride
and in hamilton visiting my famdamily:
on the whole they were quite enjoyable
but they really aren't what a west coast hop head is used to
it was definitely a very malty time in jolly old onterrible

alas, as i tend to drink a lot with my family
i didn't take notes about these beers and my memory is a little foggy on exactly what it was i thought about them individually
which i guess means that none of them really stood out for me

as for at the bar, i tended to drink mill street tankhouse ale on draught
or bubbles
or wine
or a bellini
or a mixed drink
seriously, what's with all the lousy beer choices at most events and restaurants?

next time, hopefully i have enough time in toronto to try out bar volo
and visit more brewhouses
until then, just know that i didn't bother bringing any beer back with me!


due to a lack of space in the july/august edition of the bc craft beer news
my lengthy article on the best craft beer patios in vancouver got truncated
the whole article is available online
but i'm also copying it here

Summer time and the living is easy… not to mention best enjoyed on a patio!

In a departure from my usual format and just in time for summer 2014, I bring you the very best patios in Vancouver for enjoying craft beer. The list starts with larger patios and beer menus and goes on down to smaller (but no less enjoyable) venues, with smaller beer menus. Only the heat and the hours available to you will limit your time on these patios, so there is no rating system in this round of reviews. Enjoy!

Patio drinking tips: Look for session ales—those tasty lower alcohol beers that enable you to spend a long ‘session’ on a patio. Drink water! Go for a rinse cycle after every beer; your body will love you for it. Keep your drink out of the sunlight—no one likes a beer that goes …

amsterdam brewery

i am back from my very quick trip to onterrible
i wish i could tell you i drank a whole lot of great beer and discovered fab new places to drink it
but i'd be lying
i was not on a beercation and so my time available to devote to the nectar of the gods was precious little

i did manage to get to amsterdam brewhouse on toronto's waterfront
and pick up a few brews at the lcbo to enjoy during family time

 amsterdam brewing:
the building is right on the water with a huge patio wrapping around it
the service is friendly
and the servers wear actual clothes, so that's nice

they were out of half of the beers on the menu
apparently they are running at capacity and can't keep up with demand
i think maybe they should keep the brewpub stocked though, before the lcbo, since people are coming out to see the brewery and drink the beers - effort that should be rewarded by actually having the beers available
like almost everywhere i was in toronto, there is no wifi

we h…