beers that i drank when i was in toronto for world pride
and in hamilton visiting my famdamily:
rhyme and reason american pale ale
collective arts brewing
the rhyme and reason comes with different artwork on each label
10 bitter years imperial ipa
black oak brewing company
lone pine ipa
sawdust city brewing co.
vulcan irish red ale
pluto's moon beer co.
dinner jacket o'red ipa
arch brewing company
fire in the rye single hopped roasted rye pale ale
double trouble brewing
on the whole they were quite enjoyable
but they really aren't what a west coast hop head is used to
it was definitely a very malty time in jolly old onterrible

alas, as i tend to drink a lot with my family
i didn't take notes about these beers and my memory is a little foggy on exactly what it was i thought about them individually
which i guess means that none of them really stood out for me

as for at the bar, i tended to drink mill street tankhouse ale on draught
or bubbles
or wine
or a bellini
or a mixed drink
seriously, what's with all the lousy beer choices at most events and restaurants?

next time, hopefully i have enough time in toronto to try out bar volo
and visit more brewhouses
until then, just know that i didn't bother bringing any beer back with me!


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