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beer geek life lessons
"Beer is an affordable luxury, and the dividends it pays in flavor and camaraderie are worth the (ever-expanding) expenditures. "

joe wiebe on canadian food bloggers
reviewing fat tug and full nelson ipas

camra president reports that the gov't is slowly realizing it needs to rework the new "unhappy hour" minimum pricing - pitchers can now be priced at $0.20 per ounce

and paddy treavor's take on the new pitcher pricing
"They cannot really believe we are that stupid to believe this small, token change fixes the EPIC FAIL that is our new minimum drink price standards."
i don't think he's impressed

i have my ticket to the inaugural vancouver craft brew cruise (8:00 p.m. session)
do you?  tix still available for te 11:00 a.m. cruise


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