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Founded by Alex Ganum, the owner and head brewer at Upright. Alex grew up drinking his father’s German pilsners and his older brother’s Bells Porter before moving to Portland in 2002 where he decided to give brewing a go. He never looked back, and seven years later opened Upright Brewing, specializing in farmhouse-inspired beers rooted in France and Belgium but made with local ingredients and a Pacific Northwest twist. The name “Upright” is in reference to the primary instrument of Charles Mingus, a musician whose compositions defy categorization. At Upright the recipes and processes are decidedly unbound, making for a true hybrid style that shares Mingus’ spirit of creativity and craft. Each beer combines the best of French style beers with the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer, making for some truly wonderful brews.

Upright Brewing Co. Seven - $12.55
French-inspired ales with a West Coast twist to give them an identity all their own. This Portland brew has a slight haze to its brassy golden colour, and once it hits the glass you immediately plunge into an intense aroma of fruit and white pepper with a touch of Belgian malt. A dry beer with pear and apricot on the palate that hides the 8% ABV perfectly, it’s a simply remarkable offering from the state of Oregon.

Chris Bonaille | Beer Supervisor | Legacy Liquor Store

Upright Brewing Co. Six - $13.15
This dark saison is burgundy in colour and textured with spicy rye across layers of flavourful malts contrasted by delicate fruit notes that finish dry. Spicy rye takes the lead on the nose followed by caramel and a touch of alcohol. On the palate, rye, rye and more rye with a symphony of chocolate, barley and so much more in between make this velvety brew a real winner.

Evan Doan | Beer Team | Legacy Liquor Store

Upright Brewing Co. White Truffle Gose - $17.55
Based on an obscure, centuries’ old German style that incorporates salt and coriander into a distinctly tart wheat beer with a dry, champagne-like finish, this variation of a classic uses over five pounds of Oregon White truffles to lend it a more grounded flavour. Savor this bottle, as you won’t be disappointed.

Joel Wilson | Beer Team | Legacy Liquor Store


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