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south by southwest

my friend went to austin texas and all i got was...
amazing beer!

the doggie style, i know i love
the stash, i am looking forward to falling in love with!
thank you thank you thank you giselle for actually falling for the "bring me back some beer okay?"

rogue central city dinner

talk about a blast from the past
here's what i can remember from the rogue kitchen & wetbar beer pairing dinner with central city brewery
way, way, way back on january 18th

 when going to a central city dinner, you gotta warm up the taste buds with the red racer ipa!

course one:
tai snapper crudo with pickled kumquat, red chili, orange oil and crispy yam
paired with red racer wheat ale

course two:
hot smoked trout with assorted beets, almonds, arugula, raspberry
paired with red racer extra special bitter

course three:
duo of duck with seared breast, confit leg, barley risotto, baby fennel, citrus
paired with red racer india pale ale

course four:
spiced honey tart with gorgonzola, poached pear, chantilly cream
paired with thor's hammer barley wine

unfortunately most of my notes from this dinner have gone awol
what i do have is that the esb is a big beer that goes well with beef

the hops in the ipa act as an aperitif to get the stomach juices going, which is why an ipa pairs so …


for the latest newsletter from seattle's elysian brewing, click here

top 10 ipas

tasting vancouver wants to know what your favourite local(ish) ipa is!

so far their list is:
Red Racer IPA (getting lots of love)

Driftwood Fat Tug IPA
Russell IP’EH
Dogfish Head IPA 60
Double Daddy Imperial
Driftwood Sartori Harvest IPA
Elysian Jasmine IPA
Tree Brewing Hop Head
Dead Frog Citra IPA
Stone IPA
Ninkansi Total Domination
Howe Sound’s Devil’s Elbow
West Coast Green Flash
Deschutes Inversion DF 90min IPA
Elysian Immortal
Bridgeport’s Hop Czar
Hale’s Ales Moosehead

and i'm happy to say i've had almost all of the above
but there's the total eclipse of the hops? the hop circle? the hop henge? the unearthly?

tasting notes

march 16, 2011
st. augustine's

i put together another sampler for stacy:
elysian brewing bete blanche belgian tripel
rogue marimoto soba ale
red truck big black bock
rogue brutal bitter

i especially enjoy putting together a sampler for someone who likes belgians
i don't myself, and feel kind of guilty about it
so it pleases me when i can assuage that guilt a little by putting belgians in a sampler for someone else!

for my sampler i chose:
rogue morimoto soba ale
st a's says:  6.5%  part of rogue's signature series, designed with iron chef masaharu morimoto.  soba, also known as buckwheat, is not a type of wheat but a member of the rhubarb family and has been a longtime staple of japanese cuisine because of its nutritional value
i say:  not soo sure what to make of this one, i think i will have to spend some time with a larger serving to make up my mind

red truck ltd. series big black bock
st a's says: 7.2% a strong black lager interpreted from two classi…

beer geekery

quotes from march 23rd's beernesday:

bridget:  "i'll have one more before i go.... if i have to."

me i think:  "any friend of tasha's is a friend of beer"

tasting notes

march 23, 2011
st. augustine's

bit of a short beer menu this week...
but short at st. a's is insanely long for most other places!

began my evening with a sampler

northcoast brewing scrimshaw pilsner
st a's says: 4.4%  has a subtle hop character, a crisp, clean palate, and a dry finish
i say:  pretty good.  not going to be a favourite, or even something i have a full pint of...

elysian brewing co. men's room red
st a's says:  5.6%  amber in color with a light hop aroma and toasty malt finish
i say:  i like it.  red and hoppy!  its not an amber, its not an ipa, but it sure it their love child!

taylor's crossing mad scow stout
st a's says: 4.2% a dark irish ale having a rich, roasted coffee bitterness and a smooth creamy finish
i say:  yes there's coffee bitterness, yes, its smooth and creamy but it feels kinda thin to me (gwen agrees)

vista d'oro homestead estate cider
st a's says: 7% an exceptionally dry and tart normandy-style cider m…

brewdog news

lots of recent posts on the brewdog blog

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tasting notes

march 2, 2011
st. augustine's

i have been having fun making up samplers for some of my friends
they say "what should i have?" and i get to play dictator!
it works for me, and so far they say i haven't yet steered them wrong
so it appears to be making everyone happy!

for stacy i put together:
howe sound rockfish red ale
lost coast raspberry brown ale
driftwood farmhand ale
lighthouse rip tide pale ale

she said it was so good jackie decided to have it too
and i put a second sampler together for stacy:
howe sound high tide hemp and honey ale
howe sound rockfish red ale (she insisted on having this again!)
upright brewing seven
lost coast great white
and she liked all of those as well
woot - i rock!

my sampler was:
tree brewing double hop head ipa
st a's says: 8% loaded with five different hop varieties, this bold imperial ipa is not for the faint of heart
i say: i really like it

deschutes mirror pond pale ale
st a's says:  5% the quintessential americ…


oh happiness is drinking a fabulous beer!
with a fabulous friend!

in honour of tasha's birthday we cracked not one, but two big ole bottles of dogfish head's squall ipa
this is not just any bottle of beer you know
its a premium bottle that costs more than the dinner we went out for afterwards
and according to dogfish head themselves, its hard to find
but its worth every penny and an immense joy when it can be found!

pours up rather clear for a bottle conditioned beer, with a lovely head
its a 90 minute ipa that is also dry-hopped after the boil
dogfish head is out of delaware, so i wasn't expecting northwestern hops
(even though there are cascades in there)
but it still always takes me a little aback when they're not there!

"unfiltered, unfettered, unprecedented"
true dat!

"An unfiltered, 100% bottle-conditioned, super-pungent imperial I.P.A. clocking in at 9% ABV and dry-hopped with Palisade, Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade, CTZ, and Willamette hops."



the march 23rd edition
(aka yay for spring!):

bon jovi

i'm off to spend some quality time with bon jovi tonight
just me and a few thousand of their fans...

what that means though is stadium beer
blech, i hate stadium beer
and paying an outrageous sum for the displeasure

good thing we'll be starting out at the railway and i can get my hop on with the hop circle first!


from the camra newsletter:

At last year's Vancouver Home Brewing Awards Matt Anderson and Danny Seeton took the Best in Show award for their 'Rocket to Russia' bourbon oak-aged Imperial Stout, and as part of their award they've brewed a full 14000 litre batch of this beer with Yaletown Brewing brewmaster Iain Hill. After spending over a month and a half conditioning, Rocket to Russia will go on tap this Thursday at Yaletown Brewing. Matt, Danny, and Iain describe this 10.5% abv Imperial Stout as being very smooth with a distinctive American oak flavour reminiscent of new world red wines. Matt, Danny, and Iain will be on hand for the launch at this Thursday's cask event.

i hear that the launch went really well
and that you can still try the rocket to russia - so get on over there and try some!!
way to go guys!

link love


tuesday's beer and food pairing dinner at rogue kitchen and wet bar was another fabulous evening of good food, good beer, bons mots from owner and brewmaster and good times!
the evening got off to a bit of a late start - first tasters of beer arriving at 7:30ish and first dish at 7:40 but that just ensured that we were all drooling a little when it did arrive
we began with the king heffy imperial hefeweizen, a 7.7% behemoth of german yeasty goodness - bananas and cloves galore
45% wheat and 55% barley mash
it won 2 gold medals last une at the american beer awards

paired with braised pork belly, which we were told is its traditional food pairing
seeing as i had fish instead of pork belly
and don't actually enjoy the wheat beers
i couldn't tell you if it actually did pair well

what i can tell you is that i want to marry the goat cheese fritter!
the vanilla citrus glaze was to die for, the celery root puree was delish (who'd a thunk?) and mahi mahi instead of pork belly was …

beernesday next

next week's beernesday marks a beeriversary!

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Mark your calendars... next Wednesday, March 30, HUB will celebrate our 3rd Anniversary... beer, food and merch specials all day. Keep checking in for more details.

railway cask night

hahaha, so the r&b cask of smoky pineapple goodness that was supposed to be tapped at the railway last night apparently blew up!
mon dieu!

so r&b delivered up their esb instead.
and it was quite lovely, if a touch young...
and really, who likes pineapple anyway?

beer geekery



obviously i need to work less
either that or stop needing sleep

there just isn't enough time in the day after working too many hours to both go drinking and blog about it
and naturally i'm choosing to actually go drinking over blogging about it most of the time!

speaking of which, i'm off to rogue wetbar tonight to do some beer tasting and food pairing
yup, its a four course meal by the rogue chef
made to complement four lovely beers by howe sound
(and yes, i did just tour their brewery on saturday - apparently its just all about howe sound right now - oooooh, not to mention that they've got a sale on today and tomorrow and if you can get your ass to squamish, you could be the proud owner of cases of beer for 30 - 50% off - sadly i cannot get my ass to squamish to partake...)

i have also signed up to partake in rogue's phillips pairing dinner on april 12th
menu is not out yet, but i'm sure it will be delightful!

and maybe by next year i'll have actually bl…

50 book challenge

my march additions to the 50 book challenge:

louise welsh - naming the bones
jack whyte - order in chaos

camra bus trip

i may have finally recovered from the camra spring trip to howe sound brewing in squamish and mark james group's high mountain brewhouse in whistler
the trip was saturday...
lord but those camra vancouver people know how to toss back the beer!

for now, a few of the less incriminating photos: