camra bus trip

i may have finally recovered from the camra spring trip to howe sound brewing in squamish and mark james group's high mountain brewhouse in whistler
the trip was saturday...
lord but those camra vancouver people know how to toss back the beer!

for now, a few of the less incriminating photos:

still sober aka just got on the bus

monty, the bus that broke down

sampler at howe sound

the bar at howe sound

brewery tour

hanging with the fermentors

the last ever cask of dix ipa
taking some of the last cask to go - because we love tasha

double fisting aka comparison between the ipas
(note the grip is to warm them to equal temperature,
not to make sure i don't drunkenly drop them!)

a few of the ne-er do wells

and there it was, the last cask of dix ipa gone forever

the cask is dead - long live the cask!


  1. for another view of the trip, check out this blog:


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