phillips hop box

how brilliant are they over at phillips?
really quite!

they've come out with a mixer 12 pack (which i believe bc'ers call a case)
sorry, didn't mean to shout
well, yes i did, but i didn't mean to hurt your eyes/ears

the 12 pack comes with 3 each of the following:
skookum cascadian dark ale
hopcircle ipa
krypton ryepa

and then features a revolving hop monster for the final 3 bottles
currently its the centennial ipa

"the hop box is a specially designed long range hop transport case.  it ensures the hops, liquefied in an amorphous non-crystallizing, yet refreshing barley matrix, are delivered safely to you, the deserving ipa lover.  while the hopbox is purpose built for rapid deployment of the hopcircle ipa, skookum cascadian brown and the krypton ryepa, the hopbox also welcomes random hoppy passengers.  check the window seat for this box's guest.  turn on, tune in, hop out!"

i already know that i'm in love with the hop circle and i quite like the skookum
so i'm very much looking forward to making the acquaintance of the ryepa and the centennial!


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