tasting notes

from beernesdays all the way back in january when i was on the wagon
quotes and bons mots from those who were imbibing:

on the rogue mogul madness:  i taste the hops and only the hops, maybe in another year [i will appreciate it]
on the lost coast raspberry brown ale:  of course i love it - very berry raspberry, not so chocolate
on lagunitas brown shugga:  uggh
on storm highland cream ale:  love, love, love, so creamy, so nutty, not so dark but yum and caramel finish
on hopworks 7 grain stout:  strong, hello america! yum, espresso taste that is so good!  can taste the 7 grains, not sure what they are, but good!  like having a shot of espresso with a shot of alcohol
on moylans' irish stout:  low hops, defs malty, roasty & rich 4 sure, not chocolately or coffee flav like most.  delish

on the crannog backhand of god:  makes the day bearable

on russell's black death porter:  mediocre, wouldn't pint it
on north coast old rasputin:  mediocre, wouldn't pint it
on hopworks 7 grain stout:  favourite, had a pint
on central city red racer oatmeal stout:  mediocre, wouldn't pint it
in general:  unamused by the stouts today


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