tasting notes

tasting notes from february 16th's beernesday:

you know the notes are gonna be interesting (trying not to insult myself here) when the top of the sheet has a little note that says "its official, i heart ipas, i heart being a little drunkish"

i went with five pints of ipas
no samplers, just jumped right on in there with full pints

pint #1 was the crannog insurrection ipa
st. a's said:  5.4 %  100% organic.  pale amber body emphasizes munich and caramel malts, with enough sweetness to hold up the rather large volumes of fresh cascade and golding hops
i said:  bitter - goes well with the smell of bbq wings.  i like it, but not my fave.  not super hoppy

pints #2 and 5 were howe sound's total eclipse of the hops
around which i drew a heart and said:  i love this one.  so happy its back!

pints #3 and 4 were the dead frog citra ipa
i said:  okay, i like this like a whole lot.  so nice i gotta have it twice

and what did others have?
well, i ordered the howe sound rail ale nut brown for my friend ticha, and she liked it
amanda had the dead frog chocolate mint and was not a fan; the lost coast raspberry brown which she said she was getting some soap from; lagunitas brown shugga and was not a fan - she found it too sweet and heavy like a syrup; the eel river acai berry wheat which she loved; lost coast great white which she found to be lovely and crisp with a slight citrusy clean refreshing finish - tastes like a waterfall she says
sarah is a hop head as well and she loved the total eclipse and the dead frog citra, she is not a fan of the central city belgian tripel or esb


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