obviously i need to work less
either that or stop needing sleep

there just isn't enough time in the day after working too many hours to both go drinking and blog about it
and naturally i'm choosing to actually go drinking over blogging about it most of the time!

speaking of which, i'm off to rogue wetbar tonight to do some beer tasting and food pairing
yup, its a four course meal by the rogue chef
made to complement four lovely beers by howe sound
(and yes, i did just tour their brewery on saturday - apparently its just all about howe sound right now - oooooh, not to mention that they've got a sale on today and tomorrow and if you can get your ass to squamish, you could be the proud owner of cases of beer for 30 - 50% off - sadly i cannot get my ass to squamish to partake...)

i have also signed up to partake in rogue's phillips pairing dinner on april 12th
menu is not out yet, but i'm sure it will be delightful!

and maybe by next year i'll have actually blogged about it
(i note that my review of the previous central city pairing dinner has yet to happen - darned vacation got in the way, then too busy paying for the vacation... my kingdom for a couple of hours off!)

gosh, i hope there's swag tonight!


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