tasting notes

march 16, 2011
st. augustine's

i put together another sampler for stacy:
elysian brewing bete blanche belgian tripel
rogue marimoto soba ale
red truck big black bock
rogue brutal bitter

i especially enjoy putting together a sampler for someone who likes belgians
i don't myself, and feel kind of guilty about it
so it pleases me when i can assuage that guilt a little by putting belgians in a sampler for someone else!

for my sampler i chose:
rogue morimoto soba ale
st a's says:  6.5%  part of rogue's signature series, designed with iron chef masaharu morimoto.  soba, also known as buckwheat, is not a type of wheat but a member of the rhubarb family and has been a longtime staple of japanese cuisine because of its nutritional value
i say:  not soo sure what to make of this one, i think i will have to spend some time with a larger serving to make up my mind

red truck ltd. series big black bock
st a's says: 7.2% a strong black lager interpreted from two classic german styles of beer; schwartzbier (black lager) and dopplebock (very strong lager)
i say:  its a dark and malty entity, as a lager is not as thick and creamy as a stout, but its got all the same rich maltiness, delicious!

r&b brewing east side bitter
st a's says: 5.5%  r&b uses a combination of english and local malts to create the beer's subtle, malty canvas.  northwest hops are added to the kettle as well as a ridiculous amount added post-fermentation
i say:  yes! yes! yes!  such hoppy goodness!

central city nitro oatmeal stout
st a's says: 4.5% this irish-style stout is deep, dark, smooth and creamy.  the use of oatmeal adds a silkiness to the texture and body of this ale
i say:  i'm not a fan.  its pretty anemic.  cloudy in a weird way, not rich, not creamy.  bummer.  its just there.  its not interesting or exciting or memorable.

after my sampler i moved in pints

howe sound rockfish red
st a's says:  5.2% a red malty ale with a pleasant citrus note
i say:  i find it quite delightful - just the right balance of malt and hops and body

hopworks urban brewery ipa
st a's says:  6.6% ruch and resinous flavours of citrus fruit and pine.  the finest organic pilsner malts and then bring balance to your new fave beer
i say:  i love how they know its one of my fave beers!  i bought a bottle of it at firefly the other day, but couldn't resist having a pint of it at the bar

amanda finds that the pike brewing monk's uncle tripel ale has "big mouthy feel"
and the howe sound pothole filler is "dark delicious meal of chocolate & coffee - great breakfast beer"


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