okay, so let me begin this post about lent by saying that i am not religious
that ought to have relieved half of you and offended the other half

religious or not
i do observe lent every year
it just seems like a good thing to do
to test myself to see how easy it actually is to go without something for 40 days and nights
(or 46 days and nights this year)

usually i choose chocolate
i cleanse in january, so no chocolate for a month
then i spend most of february making up for the time lost
and by lent i feel like forcing a chocolate break on myself is a good idea
not to mention that easter is a chocolate holiday
and what better way to celebrate 40 some odd days without chocolate
than by a visit from the easter bunny??

this year is no different, i gave up chocolate as of monday (orthodox beginning of lent)
but i also added potato chips to the mix
cuz that's my other default junk food
and i'm thinking about adding pizza to the no list as well
(far too many late night after the pub pizzas...)

so what does this have to do with beer?
i'm wondering if chocolate beers count as chocolate?
i mean, to be on the safe side, i'll give them up for lent too
but i'm curious as to whether people think it counts as chocolate
or am i going overboard?


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