beer can chicken

so, you takes your chicken and you dress it like usual
then you stand the chicken up with a half full can of beer in its cavity
- with steam holes punched above the liquid line
then you creatively prop the chicken up on the bbq
marveling at your handiwork the entire time
when its burnt to a crisp, or about 50 minutes later, you proudly bring it to your friends
checking first of course to make sure the meat isn't pink
and everyone cheers for you because you rock!
check out that steaming cavity!
(not sure i ever thought i'd see me say that...)
check out that moist, moist meat!
(also something i never thought i'd see me say)
get right in there with your hands and pull that moist chicken apart
being sure to remove all carcinogenic parts
serve to your friends and win their undying love and appreciation!
and that's how bridget made beer can chicken for beernesday family dinner on sunday evening
she googled an actual recipe on youtube
bought the organic chicken
chose red racer ipa as the beer
and i got to drink the top half of the beer
so even the vegetarian got to contribute to the beer can chicken!!

word at family dinner was that it was the best damned chicken ever
and word from beer folks since is that it doesn't matter which beer you use, it all tastes the same in the end, so i suggest you not waste the good stuff like the red racer ipa on this recipe
found you something to do with that random can of kokanee in your fridge that mysteriously appeared there one day!


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