tasting notes

march 23, 2011
st. augustine's

bit of a short beer menu this week...
but short at st. a's is insanely long for most other places!

began my evening with a sampler

northcoast brewing scrimshaw pilsner
st a's says: 4.4%  has a subtle hop character, a crisp, clean palate, and a dry finish
i say:  pretty good.  not going to be a favourite, or even something i have a full pint of...

elysian brewing co. men's room red
st a's says:  5.6%  amber in color with a light hop aroma and toasty malt finish
i say:  i like it.  red and hoppy!  its not an amber, its not an ipa, but it sure it their love child!

taylor's crossing mad scow stout
st a's says: 4.2% a dark irish ale having a rich, roasted coffee bitterness and a smooth creamy finish
i say:  yes there's coffee bitterness, yes, its smooth and creamy but it feels kinda thin to me (gwen agrees)

vista d'oro homestead estate cider
st a's says: 7% an exceptionally dry and tart normandy-style cider made from apples of 50 year old apple trees on the winery's estate
i say:  is this a lambic?  cuz good lord its sour!  can't say i recommend it and i'm damned glad they only gave me a shot glass of the stuff

after my sampler was imbibed
i had another couple of pints of the men's room red
i was going to go with the driftwood fat tug
but that seems to be in regular rotation and i thought i'd best get me as much of the men's room while its available!
and you know what, i liked the men's room down to the last drop
i hope its on the menu again this week!


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