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link love

an extra link love this week as there's just so much i love right now!

student of beer waxes poetic about bridge brewing

a couple of great articles in the westender about vcbw:  vcbw one, vcbw two and joe wiebe's book launch at vcbw (by none other than vcbw organizer chris bjerrisgaard)

8 of the best looking craft beer brands, including one of my faves, 21st amendment tasting notes for wine lovers when trying craft beers how to fake it til you make it deciphering beer lists

good news for me, champagne boosts memory!
lastly, don't forget, craft beer week begins tomorrow night and there are still tix left for several events plus the non-ticketed walk-up events

beer column

my notes from yesterday's beer column on cbc radio's on the coast with stephen quinn:

CBC Radio Three's Grant Lawrence set the twitterverse on fire when he challenged listeners to use puns of Canadian bands to name fictious beers. Under the hashtag #CDNBandbeer his listeners responded. So much so that four breweries took up the challenge and have produced beer homages to local bands.   Grant Lawrence of CBC Music came up with the idea last Fall, tweeted it, got a great response and it grew from there. A CBC designer took eight of the suggested beer names and made mock-up labels for them, which were posted on the CBC website. Then Jeremy Sibley of Old Yale Brewing decided he wanted to brew the beers. He recruited three other breweries and the Canadian Band Beer series was created.
Old Yale (Chilliwack) has brewed a brown ale called "D.O.Ale", an homage to the legendary Vancouver punk band D.O.A. - This medium-bodied, classic brown ale balances its hop and mal…

on the coast

i'll be on cbc's on the coast with stephen quinn today at 5:50
talking about (and sampling) the cbc band beers


i've got my ticket, do you??

HOPoxia is Heaven for Hops Lovers May 28th, 2013: It's back!! The 3rd annual BC Celebration of Hops is going down in our back lot on July 6th from 3pm-7pm. It's a beer tasting festival that proudly lends its weight to the hoppier side of the scale. This year is sure to be bitter and better than ever with the following 22 brewers descending on our back lot armed with their favourite hop-infused brews: Canoe Club Brewpub Central City Brewing Co.Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers - first-time attendee! Driftwood Brewing Co.Four Winds Brewing Co. - first-time attendee! Granville Island Brewing Co. Howe Sounds Brewing Co. Hoyne Brewing Co. Lighthouse Brewing Co. Longwood Brewing Co. Moon Under Water Parallel 49 Brewing Co. Phillips Brewing Co.Powell St. Brewing Co. - first-time attendee! Russell Brewing Co. Salt Spring Island Ales Spinnakers Brewpub Tree Brewing Co. Tofino Brewing Co. Townsite Brewing Co. Vancouver Island Brewing C…

link love

15 things craft beer fans think but nobody says
is hoppy beer ruining craft beer?
no way says i, check out my chat on cbc radio on just that topic (i'm at the 2:15 mark) joe wiebe on the new breweries opening this spring in and around Vancouver

more joe wiebe in urban diner
and more joe wiebe - on randy shore's podcast, along with chris bjerrisgaard of vcbw

beer awards bug chris

craft beer mac n cheese recipe from

deep cove (2)

i had the pleasure of visiting the deep cove brewers and distillers' in-progress site on thursday
they held a bit of an open house for media folks

its not the easiest place to get to via transit, but i persevered
and, once you get out there, you can visit bridge brewing as well, pretty much across the street
(in this case the streets are dollarton highway and forester in north vancouver)
beer is always worth the effort of travel!

she's in a rough state right now, but the brewery has got good bones!
the brewery section is coming along well, with most of the equipment in place
and they should be able to begin brewing in the next week or so
but the boiler room is empty, there are barrels stacked around equipment
and the custom bar (which is gorgeous) is on a pallet
that's today though
the owners expect to be serving you in their tasting room and on the patio by the end of june
the tasting room and patio will not be large, but that's okay, there are plenty of other beer ve…

dieu du ciel

i love montreal!
not just because it has awesome old brick walls like this:

but also because of the beer no really, i love beer! and they have some really good beer in montreal especially at dieu du ciel on rue laurier (at st laurent) physically it may be small, but the beer choices are not when i was there on april 28th this was the beer list;

about 80% of the 130 recipe rotation offered at this location are brewed on premises (the other 20% come from the big production brewery that also bottles the beers that you can drink across canada) the list changes by approximately 2 beers per day
what did i drink while i was there? i had the mosaika and the etc the mosaika was a mosaic hopped pale ale that really showcased the mosaic hop beautiful beer! the etc had 13 malts and 14 hops the malts outweighed the hops, but still a very nice beer

legacy liquor

fabulous beers now available at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Stillwater Artisinal - Beer Table Table Beer - $12.95An East Coast American Craft Beer you can really quaff. Brewed to meet all the imbibing desires of brewer Brian Strumke, this Belgian pale ale has a little bit of everything. Light and golden in colour with spice, pineapple, citrus and brett owning the bouquet, with malts and a touch of citrus rounding out the palate. A beer worth checking out.

Tasted by Chris Bonnallie - Beer Supervisor at Legacy Liquor Store

Parallel 49 - Hopnotist - $8.25
Happy Birthday, Parallel 49! Their gift to us is their Hopnotist single hop (Mosaic to be specific) Imperial IPA, appearing hazy amber in the glass with notes of tropical fruit and grapefruit to envelop the senses. On the palate more tropical fruits and citrus can be found, balanced with sweetness. The bottle is also 3D, which is amazing.

Tasted by Evan Doan - Beer Team

Phillips - Electric Unicorn - $7.45
You can thank the folks at Phi…

deep cove

deep cove brewing is almost open!

Vancouver’s craft beer revolution expands to the North Shore 
VANCOUVER, May 8, 2013 - From the wilderness of North Vancouver have emerged two young engineers who share a passion for fermented beverages and a dream to start up their own brewery and distillery. Former Steamworks Brewer Shae De Jaray and civil engineer Shawn Bethune are steps away from making that dream a reality withDeep Cove Distilling and Brewingset to open the doors of its North Shore location in early June. Deep Cove will feature an intimate 10-person tasting lounge in its brand new warehouse-style facility along with a 8,000 hectolitre brewery and distillery. 
Owners Shae and Shawn are joined by former Coal Harbour Brewmaster Kevin Emms who will bring his extensive brewing and distilling experience to this brand new operation. Kevin and Shae struck up a friendship while studying Brewing and Distilling at Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. The passionate young Deep Cove team (they …

EAT vancouver

caveat:  i have received a media pass from eat vancouver
but hey, why not?  i have paid to get in for years and blogged about it, so this year they're gonna let me in for free
go me!
so i may be influenced to give them a bit more presence on my blog
but i'm not going to be swayed in my opinions - okay?!

here's their latest press release
me, i'm going saturday the 25th, you know, in case you wanted to have a beer and a nibble with me

The 11th annual EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival: May 24-26 at BC Place Stadium.
Global BC & ET Canada's Erin Cebula hosts the 2nd Celebrity Chef Throwdown, where Chef Rob FeenieAnna Olson, and Top Chef Canada Season Two finalist Trevor Bird will compete to make a seasonal entree in 20 minutes, using a secret ingredient. Check out the competition action at 7:00pm PT on Friday, May 24 on the Food Network Celebrity Stage.
Recent news releases:  Top 10 Things to Taste at EAT! Vancouver: Foodies Can Go Gluten-Fr…

late to the party

also known as link love,
here are some links to things i should have found out about earlier!

beer me bc's musical ode to bc beers

check out craft beer magazine on itunes for free

and check out the beer show

biercraft announces all servers are cicerone server certified:

BierCraft Restaurants Introduce Certified Cicerone Beer Servers
BierCraft owners Dean Mallel and Don Farion are proud to announce every member of the service and bar staff has completed theCertified Cicerone Beer Servercertificate program through the internationally recognizedCraft Beer Institute.
Don Farion himself is aCertified Ciceroneand was one of the first to achieve the certification in Canada.  Don and Dean have always taken great pride in the extensive training and development their staff receives and discerns having the certification gives the staff that next level of professionalism and pride in their work. Through the Cicerone Certification guests can be assured that each beer was given pro…

craft beer revolution

join the revolution!!
as mentioned by me, on cbc radio's on the coast...

from joe wiebe:

Celebrate with me at Yaletown Brewing (1111 Mainland, Vancouver) on Monday, June 3 at 7:00pm as I launch my new book, Craft Beer Revolution: The Insider's Guide to B.C. Breweries. The book will be available for sale for $19.95 (includes one beer ticket) and I will be available to autograph/personalize copies (Father's Day is right around the corner-HINT). 
In addition to YBC's exceptional regular line-up of beers, there will also be 3 special “revolutionary” casks, prepared exclusively for this event by three Vancouver craft breweries. This event is part of Vancouver Craft Beer Week.
The event is open to anyone -- no reservations/tickets required. You can RSVP here:  Or if you're not on Facebook, please reply to let me know if you'll be attending.
Book Description

Canada’s microbrewing movement began in B.C. with the founding of…

beer column

and here are my notes from yesterday's beer column on cbc radio's on the coast with stephen quinn:

Bridge Brewing, of North Vancouver, hosted a 10k run on Saturday morning – the first of what will hopefully become an annual event.  50 runners met at the brewery at 9:00 and went for a 10k run.  Nothing too exciting about that.  Proceeds went to the Harvest Project – a worthy cause to support for sure, but what made this run worth telling you all about is the growlers.  Of the 50 people registered for the run, a full half of them ran with two full growlers.  That’s about 10 extra pounds these folks lugged up hill and down for 10 kilometres.  I myself did not carry the growlers, but the people who did have my respect – it was not easy!  People carried them on their shoulders, laid them on their forearms and dangled them from their thumbs – and for their troubles?  Bridge Brewing is filling those growlers for them, two fills per week, for a month.  Oh, and they get bragging rights…

on the coast

its one of the tuesdays that i will be on the air with stephen quinn
on cbc radio's on the coast, the #1 rated afternoon show!

i'll be on at 5:50 p.m. talking about the north shore growler 10k and converting non beer drinkers into beer geeks!

link love

canadian brewing awards run down by jan zeschky

and the whole list of winners is up on the canadian brewing awards website, but i can't seem to get on there today - maybe too many visitors crashed their site - hopefully the link works soon

congratulations to powell street brewing for winning best in show!

speaking of winners...
saturday marked the inaugural north shore growler 10k hosted by bridge brewing
50 people ran 10k from the brewery, up up up and around and back to the brewery
i was one of them
(so were the lovely monica and jill)

i was rewarded with a beer and a glass
the harvest project was rewarded with all of our entry fees as donations

25 people ran with growlers
yes, that's correct, with growlers
2 each... full ones...
24 of them finished with them
and for their efforts they were rewarded with 2 free growler fills a week for a month
not incentive enough for me to carry an extra, awkward 10 lbs
but i sure do have a whole lot of respect for those who did!

check out b…

link love

not a well-written article from a beer perspective, cbc reports on new brunswick's beer lottery for samuel adams' utopias

70 songs about beer

phillips brewing spearheads a canadian craft beer collaboration brew

arguably the 10 best beer menus in vancouver

a hard to follow article in the sun on storm brewing and james walton

for a limited time only, a free streaming of a homebrewing video

the week in beer

what a week in beer!

monday night cask at st. augustine's - red truck's esb
tuesday night cask at railway club - parallel 49 dry-hopped gypsy tears
wednesday night sour beer pairing dinner at biercraft cambie
thursday night cask at yaletown brewpub - pale ale with thyme

all of the above were damned tasty and much fun
so, what should i drink tonight???

legacy and camra sessional

new beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Moon Under Water Shatterbier Golden Ale - $12.55This collaboration between reinvigorated Moon Under Water Brewery and Shatterbox Coffee is one that should not be missed. Pouring a hazy golden colour with candied fruit, citrus and coffee found in the aromatics, this brew has marzipan and roasted coffee on the palate and a dry finish to round it out.

St. Feuillien Saison - $10.45
Described as a beer of terroir, this Belgian Saison is a traditional farmhouse from St. Feuillien pouring pale amber with aromas of candied citrus and melon. In the mouth, orange, black pepper and yeast make this a Saison worth drinking.

Tofino Brewing Dawn Patrol Coffee Porter - $7.15
A new coffee porter from the west coast of Vancouver Island that pours a velvety dark brown similar to a black cup of coffee. Rich coffee aromas own the bouquet of this beer, while espresso beans and light malt are found on the palate. A tasty coffee porter from Tofino Brewing.

camra van…

new beers coming to town

there are so many great beers coming to town!

beerthirst is bringing us beers from the bruery!

"From their wide landscape of experimental ales that are brewed in the Belgian tradition, the Rue family has made quite the name for themselves in a very short time. Their ratings speak for themselves on websites such as, where 90% of their beers score from 93 to 100. These unique, barrel-aged, bottle conditioned beers are so good that, the craft beer aficionados in BC have been known to drive out to Bellingham and even Seattle, in order to get their hands on these wonderful creations. Well, that is about to change very soon because The Bruery is coming to BC!
The wait is over folks. The Bruery has finally agreed to send their beers up north. We've been fans of this brewery for quite some time and we're absolutely thrilled to import these fine ales for the good people of British Columbia! The Bruery is a small craft brewery located in Orange County, California. The …

beer column

here are my notes for yesterday's beer column on cbc radio one's on the coast with stephen quinn

Vancouver Craft Beer Week

This is the fourth annual VCBW, and runs this year from Friday, May 31st to Saturday June 8th. This year's theme is "All In", and when you see the line up of events, you are going to want to go all in!
VCBW is a jam-packed 9 day tour of all that is fabulous in the craft beer world here in Vancouver, including the craft beers we import from other places like the United States. Each day of the festival features a signature VCBW event. There are also 6 feature events and 6 walk up events.. The signature and feature events are ticketed, and you will need advance tickets to attend. Tickets are available through the website, and The walk-up events are just that, events that you show up to.
VCBW is like oktoberfest meets christmas meets cultural festival - there's beer, there's anticipation and there a…