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link love
what an ontario master cicerone has to say

did you know that craft beer is catching on in bc?
of course you did
still, its a nice write up of bridge and deep cove

you probably know this too:
just one sip of beer can release happy brain chemicals
(for me, just a sniff of hoppy aroma is enough to get the rush - which if you read the whole article is slightly worrying from an alcoholism perspective, but whatever)

growler bill proposed in california

beer vs wine infographic

five sins of craft beer service from

if you missed last night's town hall twitter about alcohol laws, check it out here

friday frivolity

i stole this from beer connoisseur magazine
no idea if its theirs or if they too stole it

legacy liquor store

new and exciting beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Elysian Brewing Nightowl - $7.85

Straight from Seattle comes one of the finest pumpkin beers available on the market today. Hazy and tawny in colour when poured into a glass, accompanied by a myriad of spices associated with the season (allspice, ginger, clove, etc.), its caramel, starchy malt and of course pumpkin flavours all come together to produce a medium-bodied beer that is not only amazingly approachable, but also extremely quaffable. Don’t miss out on this fantastic beer.

Evan Doan | Beer Team | Legacy Liquor Store

Moon Under Water Year One - $12.55

Happy Anniversary, Moon Under Water! After one year under new ownership and a revitalization that has been truly remarkable, a single-batch Red Wheat Wine ale has been produced to mark the occasion. Hopped throughout with Citra, and fermented dry with three yeasts on yellow birch to create an outstanding beer to be enjoyed with friends, this one-of-a-kind offering is worth gra…

sartori harvest 2013

so, did you get your driftwood brewing sartori harvest ipa yet?
if not, you're probably outta luck finding a bottle in vancouver
the brewery in victoria is offering growler fills
and there will be more casks about town (vancouver, victoria, chilliwack)

i got my bottles at viti (vancouver)
i tried to be greedy and get some more at liberty on the drive, but they were out of their 15 cases already

i have tried two casks so far:
monday night at st. augustine's
(that was not very good)

and tuesday night at the railway club
(that was down-right ambrosia)

i have only had a wee sample from the bottle - and it was so delicious i am on a quest to find more bottles!

on the coast

if you missed me talking about fresh-hopped beers with stephen quinn last week on cbc radio's on the coast, fear not!  you can still have a listen
follow the link, and if you just want to listen to me, fast-forward to the 2:17 mark

and if you missed getting your driftwood sartori harvest ipa yesterday, get out there right now, there may still be some left, but it won't last for long!

link love

get your say in now about bc liquor laws
its time to get what you want, and the best way to do that is to speak up about it
support your local brewers and breweries

jan zeschky's updated new bc breweries of 2013 piece
read up - there are so many new breweries opening up around the province!

whistler beer festival was a success!

8 simple steps not to be a beer snob douchebag

china joins in on the pandering to the idea that the way to woo women to beer is through low alcohol fruity beers with hello kitty beer.  yes, hello kitty beer
i would be outraged, but frankly its just par for the course and i have bigger things to get worked up about (like the article equating using hello kitty to woo drinkers with the timbers army having its own beer)

auto-brewery syndrome - making your own beer... in your gut
sure, i buy this
ever felt far too yeasty in your guts after a cask festival?  not a stretch from there!

lynne, aka bg canary's latest article for the bc craft beer news
bc beers are fl…

friday frivolity


legacy liquor store

new and exciting beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Samuel Adams Octoberfest - $16.35
Straight from the east coast, Massachusetts to be exact, comes a distinct and delicious Octoberfest seasonal brew. Rich in colour, with accents of amber and caramel, this beer packs a punch with notes of malt, spice, caramel and maple on the nose. Meanwhile, sugar, spice and everything nice, in addition to excellent malt characteristic, embody autumn on the palate. Simply fantastic.

Evan Doan | Beer Team | Legacy Liquor Store

Sierra Nevada Narhwhal Imperial Stout- $16.85

Brewed in honour of the majestic Narwhal Whale, this imperial stout pours as black as the depths of the Arctic Ocean accompanied with aromas of dark fruit, prune, baker’s chocolate and espresso. All about chocolate accented with coffee, the palate of this robust and perfectly balanced brew has a mile-long finish. Bravo!

Chris Bonnallie | Beer Supervisor | Legacy Liquor Store

Phillips Brewing Crookeder Tooth - $7.25

Crooked Tooth’s ol…

beer column

my notes from last evening's beer column with stephen quinn on the coast:

It's the most wonderful time of the year for hop-heads! It's hop harvest time, and to beer geeks that can mean only one thing: fresh-hopped beers. 
Fresh-hopping, also referred to as wet-hopping, is the process of using fresh hops to bitter the beer. Hops are ready for harvest at the end of August or the beginning of September in this part of the world. Growers know they are ready when the cone is plump and the lupulin is at a maximum. If you look at a hop flower, the lupulin is the yellow stuff between the green bits. This is where the oils come from that impart the bitterness and flavour to beer. Despite looking hardy, hops are actually quite delicate. They don't survive long after being cut. To preserve the oils and resins they need to be dried right away..Most of the hops harvested are dried right after picking and then frozen, or ground into pellets. These are then sold to brewers a…

on the coast

great news!!
stephen quinn will be hosting the bc craft beer awards on october 19th!

and i'll be on the radio talking about fresh-hopped beers with him at 5:50 this afternoon
88.1 fm

link love

i have mentioned this a few times before
i would love to have the work ability to just drink beer for a whole month
in the meantime, here's a guy in france who is doing just that
replacing all water with brewdog's nanny state beer

joe wiebe (thirsty writer) on victoria's beer mile
how many of these stops have you made it to?
me, i've made it to all of them, but not on the same day

speaking of moon under water (which we were if you clicked the link above)
here's a review of their overhaul from the times colonist
their pots pils continues to make me very happy every time i quaff it!

fourteen best and worst gluten-free beers
greens comes out on top, new grist on the bottom

another view of gcbf
and it makes me feel better that other bloggers have trouble getting out their posts about beer festivals!

great canadian beer festival - part 2

oh gcbf!
oh the good times!
oh the good beers!
oh thank dog there were no cameras at certain after-parties!

first of all, let me extole the virtues of flying from vancouver to victoria
so quick, so easy, so fun!
(caveat:  i would not want to be on that tiny plane if there was ANY turbulence though - that would be very, very, very frightening)
i left from my office at 5:45 on friday evening
and i was in victoria by 7:00 for the start of the copper & theory tap takeover at the guild
so civilized!

the guild was a fun venue
although, as nigel from the alibi room ironically pointed out, it was a hard place to socialize properly as you had to be seated to be served - darned restaurant licenses!
i had hoped to have some beer & cheddar soup or welsh rarebit, but alas they don't do either of them vegetarian
instead i ate other people's curry & chips
as for beer, i stuck with the gigantic ipa because gosh darnit, that's what i was in the mood for
i did sample all the upr…

friday frivolity


whistler beer fest

i am not going to whistler beer fest this weekend
but i think it will be good times, so you should go

instead i will be basking in the summer weather in deception pass
camping for the first time this summer
i have been to plenty of beer fests, this weekend i need to go camping!
(and bring back more lovely american beers)

great canadian beer festival - part 1

today, you just get some photos
another day you'll get the whole play-by-play

beer column

and finally, my notes from last week's on the coast beer column
topic:  extreme beers

Why do brewers keep trying to push the international bittering units (ibus) higher and higher?
Beer is like any other segment of the world, it experiences its fads and its trends and people pushing envelopes. The hops wars were just another expression of that. Craft beer had taken off and people were falling in love with india pale ales and all the bitter hoppiness that they offer, and brewers wanted to get creative and see how far they could push the bitterness envelope before they brewed a beer that was just undrinkably bitter. Fortunately, unlike other wars there were no casualties and I don't think anyone spent their gross national product on the war, so really, everyone won. Well, except for all of the fried taste buds. And it wasn't a war so much as friendly competition. Hops are added during the making of beer at several points in the process. Hops added in the beginning of the …

link love

the artwork of the amazing 21st amendment cans
(incidently, brew free or die was what i drank on the soccer field all labour day weekend - i love it when i can find it... and consume it!!)

go joe wiebe!
so much success coming to such a deserving beer writer!

five places to drink in vancouver
featuring my home away from home, yaletown brewpub
and the prettiest drinking hole in vancouver, 33 acres
(incidently, i reviewed yaletown brewpub in the upcoming bc craft beer news, and steamworks in the inaugural summer edition)


there are not enough hours in the day for me to get to all the things i shoulda/coulda/woulda
so, beer column notes will be here eventually
but... probably not until after the great canadian beer festival

beer column

notes to come, but for now...
here's the link to yesterday's beer chat on the coast with stephen quinn
if you just wanna hear me, i'm on at the 2:19 mark

on the coast

i'll be on with stephen quinn at 5:50 today
talking extreme beers
and sipping on driftwood's gose-uh
690 am
88.1 fm

link love

happy labour day!

a nice little primer on hops

17 issues sober people have to deal with
(click on it, there are cats!!)

beer advocate's history of american beer

heineken can't compete with craft beer
(which probably comes as no surprise to beer geeks)

the top 10 craft beers in mexico
warning - this one's in spanish, so depending on your ability to hablar, you may just want to look at the photos in the slideshow!