amsterdam brewery

i am back from my very quick trip to onterrible
i wish i could tell you i drank a whole lot of great beer and discovered fab new places to drink it
but i'd be lying
i was not on a beercation and so my time available to devote to the nectar of the gods was precious little

i did manage to get to amsterdam brewhouse on toronto's waterfront
and pick up a few brews at the lcbo to enjoy during family time

amsterdam brewing is the low brown building at the left of this photo
amsterdam brewing:
the building is right on the water with a huge patio wrapping around it
the service is friendly
and the servers wear actual clothes, so that's nice

they were out of half of the beers on the menu
apparently they are running at capacity and can't keep up with demand
i think maybe they should keep the brewpub stocked though, before the lcbo, since people are coming out to see the brewery and drink the beers - effort that should be rewarded by actually having the beers available
like almost everywhere i was in toronto, there is no wifi


we had the pretzel, which comes with yummy stoneground mustard and a way too sweet maple dip

the margarita pizza was enormous and delicious - it fed me for three meals
the kale salad was delicious, but the pieces of kale could have been cut/ripped a bit smaller for ease of fitting them in your face

because they were out of most things, i didn't do a flight
i had a 17 oz sleeve of the boneshaker ipa
which was pretty darned good
7.2% 85 ibus
centennial, summit and amarillo continuously hopped for 90 minutes
i liked this so much, i bought a few bottles on another occasion
very drinkable for a westcoast hop lover


i also drank the raspberry wheat out of a can on the boat cruise that took me down to waterfront in the first place
brewed under the name kawartha lakes brewing, it is contract brewed at amsterdam and available on draught there
it was actually a very drinkable wheat ale
the raspberry wasn't too sweet or too overwhelming
just look how happy i am to be drinking it!

it was alright
if i'm on the waterfront again, i'll stop by


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