love the media when they catch up on the love of beer!

for the metro article about vancouver craft beer week, click here

central city does craft beer week, click here

for the westender article about craft beer in vancouver, click here
this is a great article and deserves to be read in its entirety!!

"After the resounding success of last year’s inaugural fest, VCBW has tripled in size for its triumphant return with the sophomore event launching tomorrow and running to May 14. With a whopping 70 venues on tap to host events, selling beer fest in this town is about as hard as hawking Canucks tickets during the playoffs. But this year, VCBW organizers aren’t content to merely satisfy the appetites of casual beer drinkers. They’ve launched a full-scale educational assault geared at turning event-goers into craft brew connoisseurs who will apply the same locavore logic to their ales, lagers and lambics that is already de rigueur for produce, meat, wine and pretty much everything else under Vancouver’s ethical-consumption ethos. And that starts with showcasing the connection between homebrewing and other DIY-centred activities like VCBW’s Special Beer and Bread Baking Course on May 6, the How To Brew seminar May 10 and the Russell’s Golden Stag Awards May 11, which will see the winners of the annual VanBrewers homebrew competition announced and more than a dozen fresh casks tapped."


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