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Fe-BREW-ary Fundraiser

Donnelly Group teams up with Postmark Brewing for delicious Fe-BREW-ary fundraising One dollar from every Postmark Kölsch poured will go to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank
Fe-BREW-ary launches on Thursday February 1st at Donnelly Group pubs, combining a rare and delicious craft beer and donations to a great charity. For 2018, Donnelly Group has partnered with Postmark Brewing to exclusively offer their limited-edition Postmark Kölsch, the first beer of this style that they have ever brewed. Donnelly Group will be donating $1 from every Postmark Kölsch sold to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, on behalf of the Donnelly Fund.
As you might guess from the name, Kölsch is a German beer style which was developed in Cologne (Köln) and first brewed in the early 1900s. At one time the city of Cologne had more breweries than any other city in the world, and its brewing traditions run deep. Kölsch is made with a unique process which combines the top-fermentation of an ale and the cold-temperature co…